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  • Come on, what do you mean on the thing you sent me? I have not sent you because I can not send you anyway
    What to say my friend does not know,
    what I'm afraid is that they do not stop here but they go out and temporarily licensed like in which many people play, is our replay, how do you see them? can they do that?
    You wrote: "The problem with the SBO and the other Asians has been solved forever. I will communicate within the week with the children I sent to sort them because they are in the process of moving and running like a pound.
    Before 5 I also solved the problem of leaving betfair from Greece. "

    I have read a regular period of time and I have been writing on the site regularly, so many times I was bored, but now things have become imperative.
    If you can and you want to shed a little light!
    How do you solve the problem with Asians or BF?
    I had seen in this beach this Premium Tradings betting brokerage
    do you mean that?
    In this case there is no problem with bank accounts and skrill;

    Repeat if you can not answer I will understand it completely.
    If you want to write me here -> [Email protected]
    I saw that you referred to bet3000 and wanted to ask about your share in it (it normally gave the bonus, paid, had problems). There is a similar issue in "bookmakers analysis", but no one has ever tried it. replies, it would be preferable to do so in the same subject so everyone can see it. If you agree.
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  • The infobeto community is considered a meeting point for gamers and people in the gambling market for consultations, advice, updates, information exchange, problem solving with companies, etc. We are proud to have the largest gaming forum in Greece and one of the world's largest and we work daily to keep the level of our community high.

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    nklaps: Good evening to all. Nice contest mpaxoumis dude :)