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    Over 1.5 Half Time Bournemouth - Norwich
    (0-0) 2.10 bet lost
  • Ertzan:
    well Atalanta misses the ageless talking
  • Ertzan:
    the last phase reminded me of our childhood in the alanas we were coming out of 3-4 people attack you had a goalkeeper and a friend for defense you were playing catches and then everyone was
    Over 1.5 Half Tottenham Hotspur - Watford
    rd (0-0) 2.35 BET LOAD
  • Ertzan:
    penalty for Lazio
  • Ertzan:
  • zorian:
    and X comes from 0-3
  • zorian:
    Beauties we say .............
    wow say 3-3 don't do that !!!
  • Eric Castel:
    Neighbors to be good : beers1:
    Over 4.5 Aug - Bayern Munich (1-2) 2.00
  • zorian:
    : Up: for Antony everything is done
  • zorian:
    and the 2-2 Leaf
    TSIOKOS said:
    Over 4.5 Aug - Bayern Munich (1-2)
    just played
    nothing shakes there
  • zorian:
    0-1 by Wolves
  • zorian:
    Will Tottenham turn it around?
  • zorian:
    in Germany equalized Wolfsburg
  • zorian:
    and logically Forna D. will win the Mainz playing with 10
  • zorian:
    ωραίο γκολ με κεφαλιά πριν λίγο και η μπάλα είναι συνέχεια στα πόδια των παικτών της
    H Tότεναμ ετσι οπως ειναι μην φάει και δευτερο
  • zorian:
    τόσο χάλια;
  • zorian:
    περιμένω να τελειώσει η Λειψία για να το γυρίσω
    θεμα ψυχολογίας ...
    μην σε επηρεάσω
    TSIOKOS: μην σε επηρεάσω