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    Happy New Year and happy birthday to the kings who celebrate !!!
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    INFOBETO: History is written here!

    I can't do the words well. Fortunately, there are Nikolas, Thanasis and they write them as I would like ... Happy Birthday !! : sign:
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    Happy birthday to Konstantinos and Eleni

    Happy birthday and whatever you wish for !!!
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    Pandemic and ... # major

    Good evening to all. I kept saying I wouldn't write, I wouldn't write but tigres you're tired ... The old ones know me. The younger ones do not. Well, from the data we know AS TIME. And I'm addressing everyone. This viral infection is highly contagious and differentiates it from influenza and other infections ...
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    Have a nice trip John.

    Too bad ... this sickness now. Condolences to his family. Really a pity ...
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    Happy Many Antonades-Thanassades

    Similarly (for Alzheimer's) Many years of Death !!!
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    Happy New Year .... 2020

    Very Happy New Year to Health! : beers1:: beers1:: beers1:
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    Many happy returns

    Χρονια πολλα σε ολους!!!![emoji512][emoji513][emoji513][emoji513][emoji512][emoji898][emoji898][emoji898]
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    Similarly. Identity I remember for sure. The rest ..... empty memory
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    Value, the big bet of the gambler

    Good morning and happy birthday. I read and the other topic (closed and well closed) I read and myself and I got tired .... There are some right things to say but generally very blah blah .... The essence is one: NO, but NO ONE knows the real probability of of the races. NO ONE...
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    Answer: Happy Easter Happy Easter with HEALTH !!!
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    Happy many animusbet

    Answer: Happy animusbet years. Happy Birthday to you !!!
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    Happy 2019!

    Answer: Happy 2019! Happy New Year! : sign:
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    IFC 15 - The Gentlemen's Club

    Answer: IFC 15 - The Gentlemen's Club Not even ...
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    Answer: ANNOUNCEMENT FOR IFC 2018-19: STATEMENT OF PARTICIPANTS: sign: We have left Piraeus. Hope for permanent. For the present for 3 years and we see ...
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  • BetLaden BetLaden:
    right ... again
    On Sunday afternoon, the last match of the group in Italy - Wales, the draw is made in both teams .... one locks the first place and the other gets the qualification .... the X at 3.90
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    To hit the cottage is to get a 2nd : paidi:
    you throw X half, under and all that
    Netherlands I see a score of 3-0
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    I did this once in a Greek Cup final. Olympiakos-Asteras Tripolis then I had thrown that X exists and there is no score 0-0 and 1-1 and Ander 2.5
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    8 years ago but there I had inside info it was not fixed but FIXED
    You say the one who went to extra time and Olympiacos won 3-1 ... in 2013
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    and after the years have passed, tell us who gave you the information .... otherwise I will write about Maniatis' hand so that the old can remember and the young can learn .... : ROFLMAO:
    final in OAKA on Saturday ... the same SK was won by Olympiakos in the Euroleague basketball .... and I was on a trip to Rome ... oh what did you remind me ....
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    Beos to an acquaintance of mine on bouzouki. Deaf but true
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    Rome, what did you remind me of now? Turkey to Turk Telekom to do the same but no luck
    Netherlands early 1-0 ... great
  • S Forum Bot:
    User stpsilan started a new topic called "Betsson" in the Legitimate betting sites.
    Croatia - Czech Republic GG and score 1-1
    I also have inspiration that we will have a penalty in the match
    Alanya in the Euro competition I think there is a mistake .... the exact score 1-1 in Croatia - Czech Republic should not give 9 points instead of 7 shown by the score;
    England I see a comfortable victory with 3-0 .... with two goals by Kane
  • BetLaden BetLaden:
    For the competition ... I will check it to see what plays
  • BetLaden BetLaden:
    you were right ... we made it do not add the 3 extra points
  • BetLaden BetLaden:
    the scores changed a bit ... and the 1st match did not change the winner ... all is well
    yes i was looking at that now ,,,, the score of the 1st match because the same thing had happened in Wales - Switzerland ...
    It goes without saying that a Gandalf-anchovy put his hand ... since I had a score of 1-1 in Croatia - Czech Republic ..... and he wanted to cut my way to the first place ...
    PANATHA PANATHA: Of course, a Gandalf-anchovy put his hand ... since I had a score of 1-1 at ...