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    History wrote: Panathinaikos Champion 2003-2004: up: 1) PAO has done worse than other mugs, this was one of the fairest. 2) If he wanted to get the mug, let him win the games with Progressive and Ionic so he wouldn't push Douro to beat the champion ...
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    Perfect someone is punished ..

    It is good for some people to know, regardless of which group they "support" (we laughed here), that there is a law, and that the current president will not come to save them. The exemplary punishment of the guilty can act as a deterrent, how many times have you heard such a decision from a Greek ...
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    I warn the moderators that today I am suing and asking for 10 million euros, it is unacceptable to post photos of the current and former women of my life: mado:: eye:
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    ANTE RE! .......

    Werewolf,εχω μία απορία, μπαίνεις με dsl 512K και διαβάζεις σε οθόνη 19''; :-) Λυπήσου κι εμας του φτωχούς και κόβε κάτι!
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    ANTE RE! .......

    Yesterday it was revealed which is the best team in Greece: up: In Rizoupoli last year we had it easy, this year despite the "human mistakes" of Douros who left OSFP with 10 players and despite the fact that we did not have fans, PAO was left with the appetite again . You do not have a team, only a referee!
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    ANTE RE! .......

    Surgery we had a long time to see, especially in the derby, good morning penalty, 10 players at the critical point, and at the same time a cruel refereeing that allowed the players to find the referee and go unpunished for 92 minutes. And yet the match was nice because it had a passion, a goal, an overthrow in ...
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    WHY HE WANTS A METRO ............

    1) Does a team play for its salvation mean that it is not the best option to bet on it, since it has been softened all year why not keep its seed? 2) It's very difficult to play 50 points in a match, few will accept it, many will cheat. In short, 11 ...
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    Whether we raised our heads is relevant, do you see any Greece reminiscent of the time of Pericles and Alexander the Great? Do you see us excelling in any field? And you tell me the candy that "there is a Greek in NASA and one in microsoft so we are the first" . I 10 million ...
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    Eleftheropoulos statements ...

    Does the child play in PAOK and AEK only? Let him keep a swim and for Diagora Rhodes, they may want him. Now after baptizing PAOK Milan, let's not wait for him to get the whole of Milan :-) Btw, how low does a professional football player need to have to sign for AEK?
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    Well don't bother it, some of them have to get in and let's be selective, we'll all be safer. After the match in the avenue we'll see if the new habits concern only one team.
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    Statements by P. KOKKALI on a radio station here

    The derby matches are ridiculous and ridiculous, as is the quality of Greek football and its "helpers" (we laugh here). But the derby will have emotions, the teams are equal, any lead of PAO is small.
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    If the information ...

    CL had a good time with Bajevic, Hale stopped her, and instead of hitting Hale, we hired Bajevic. With the budget of the legend, Bajevic is the best choice, after all no world-famous coach would come to train Tatsis as much as they gave him: crying:
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    Gnorizei kaneis

    And wherever the heat gets tighter, even though I think the Olympics will not miss the sporting themes ..
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    And Papandreou blessedly praised the Executive Office for such unanimous decisions when it was about to shoot someone, Kokkalis shuns everything to make PAO champion: twis:
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    The work is simply top notch, and no matter how many years have passed, it remains timely, as the Gecks will always exist, the laws are to be broken. I enjoy the scene with Gekko explaining to the young man that all he is looking for (balance sheets etc) is just a waste of time, combined with the scene ...
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    Aoxara is flying this year, even in a friendly 3-1 against Olympiakos B.
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    WE ARE COMING. Bill Papas is also the President on the field
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    Eric Castel said:
    Good evening, I hope because ... who is waiting until 20:30 to have a super league : twis:
    I would tell you nothing about the Super League that rains goals but thank goodness you have a birthday and I will not be confused, I am made for Kaitoula tonight live. Sit down and see Germany when there is no sex : paidi:
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    PANATHA said:
    Don't say that ... some abnormal people are waiting for this today ...
    only the abnormal do not appreciate the local I agree with you only you feel me
  • Eric Castel Eric Castel:
    hahahaha do not confuse me. Pi
    Ali Kaitoula has live today? We will live PASOK times again tonight.
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    Eric Castel said:
    hahahaha do not confuse me. Does Kaitoula live again today? We will live PASOK times again tonight.
    When we say live this time live concert I closed the first track table to enjoy it up close
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    good evening gentlemen
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    Antonis longtime friend, whatever you wish
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    Thank you very much my friend!
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    Happy birthday Antonis, make them happy with health and luck dude
    happy birthday from me with health and many joys
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    Thanks a lot guys!
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    Apollon-Volos 1-3 goals and spectacle in the Super League
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    You can see these when you see me ticking with a dropper
    What strange things are happening in the odds in Verona - Roma ... yesterday the 2 had 1.86 ..... from the morning it goes up slowly and now it has reached 2.20 ....
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    From 0-3 AEK 3-3 players in the Super League
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