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    Why are they blocking you?
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    Accurate scoring systems

    Supposedly speaking, he chose these matches because their time was not much different from that of the Champions League men's and young, that is, around 7-8, so that his agony would last a few hours, about 3;
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    Accurate scoring systems

    At a glance, your suggestion is to bet on specific teams in Brazil 1, France 2, Spain 2, where the scores are small. Correctly ;
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    Site with group compositions

    Sofascore, in large competitions, pulls out the teams a few hours before the games take place.
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    Accurate scoring systems

    Good evening George ! Thanks so much for your reply! I'll take into account what you say. I have thought many times where I go to bet on scoring. I bet scores in unpopular leagues. I do a statistic survey a few days before the games. About the player who ...
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    Accurate scoring systems

    Good evening ! On the occasion of the following OPAP Pame Betting Press Release, for a winning match with a selection of PM in 5 matches: I would like to read the opinion, advice and suggestions of those experienced players who are mainly dealing with the PM market, but this does not mean that I want to hear...
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    The Iceberg for breaking newsletters

    I have a question. How did he come to play so many times the same card and even the same points in the 10 games? He probably had information about the fights. Some yields were very large and very difficult to verify. And we're talking about 10 matches. Only once did I get to 13 ...
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    Good Evening ! I found from some of your posts that you have experience and knowledge about how ...

    Good Evening ! I found from some of your posts that you have experience and knowledge of how betting players are handled. I have a betting account and have been playing 3 1 / 2 Month Betting with deposits totaling 50 € and always 0,1 Euro bets. I would like to ask you first ...
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