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  • No one is chatting right now.
    Tchami said:
    From the free ones in the space, I think we don't have much choice. If Barzok were not so stubborn with reds there might have been an impact on our part. Whoever we get will have one yes but. Prifti is heard every year and every year his case does not go ahead.
    I don't know if he is a soldier but he certainly wouldn't want that too ... so ...
  • P Pragias:
    in the middle of the season if you want to get something good whether it's a player or a coach you have to pop it ... the rest is lottery. is there any end to anything that can make Johnson play? mercy again today with the Ionic was one of the worst ... it broke my nerves and only saw it ... as if bored
  • giannisthegreek giannisthegreek:
    Goodmorning guys. I have a problem and can't post to the forum. When I go in it comes out to me to choose to continue with tapatalk or browser. I click continue with browser but it doesn't open to me. I have deleted the tapatalk in the meantime. I disconnected, deleted cookies, cleared history again. Only here I can enter
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    It's an android issue to find
    that changes that
  • giannisthegreek giannisthegreek:
    I can't find it with anything. So I ask if anyone knows
  • admin admin:
    I would tell you to reset tapatalk after default (Settings -> Apps -> Tapatalk -> Open by default -> "clear defaults"
  • admin admin:
    maybe clear chrome cookies
  • giannisthegreek giannisthegreek:
    Thanks. I'll try them
  • admin admin:
  • game game:
  • game game:
    Yeah it's all of a sudden ... comes out 2 tap talk and chrome options that didn't work as well ok
  • admin admin:
    Goodmorning guys. Yes I did. We'll have to wait for an update from tapatalk. We can't do something on our own.
  • giannisthegreek giannisthegreek:
    And now what; With tapatalk force to get into the forum? Logically after deleting it completely I shouldn't just be accessing the browser? Is it a virus?
  • Eric Castel Eric Castel:
    Good morning, I do the same for myself, but I still use tapatalk when I'm out of mobile.
  • BetLaden BetLaden:
    Good morning, I notice it's a general problem yesterday ... And I can't go ahead and stick to the Tapatalk or Browser option
  • BetLaden BetLaden:
    I think I made it ... it didn't stick to me here for a while ...
  • giannisthegreek giannisthegreek:
    It's not yesterday. It's been a few days to me and it's still going on
  • BetLaden BetLaden:
    He didn't make it in the end ...
  • P Pro:
    And my own problem ... I never had the tapatalk
  • Ertzan Forum Bot:
    User Ertzan started a new theme called "IFC # 16: Cup: 13 Racing 23-24 / 11 / 2019" in the IFC Competition.
  • nectar nectar:
    Kids the only solution for now is to get the tapatalk out. Do you use it? New forum Not so good tapatalk support. Otherwise we will have to wait for an update ...
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    I personally use tapatalk for the forum as well and have no issue with ios
  • giannisthegreek giannisthegreek:
    Nectar I have finally removed the tapatalk and again the same. And a friend earlier said he hadn't even put a tapatalk on. That is to say, mobile forces you to only tapatalk into the forum
  • admin admin:
    Good morning John. Yes I know it. I have sent a support ticket and am waiting for a reply.
    admin admin: Good morning John. Yes I know it. I have sent a support ticket and am waiting for a reply.