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  1. cosmicsports

    Mutual bet - the best game

    Unfortunately it doesn't exist but if it did it would be the best game. I don't know what the rake would be like. If it's "c%" in the preset let's be "c%" and in that - not bigger of course - but it would be the best game. When we play we want what we play to pay for 2.40 and not be there ...
  2. cosmicsports

    Deciphering OPAP's Ghanaian Bonus on the Hippodrome (black crows-red crows)

    Now that OPAP is publishing the rake performances both before the bonus and the final we were able to decipher how this bonus works. We never said it was not a bonus, but it would be better if the rake were reduced evenly in all kinds of bets, now ...
  3. cosmicsports

    How are the toys broken?

    Μία σκέψη μου, ίσως αξιοποιήσιμη. Παίζουμε κάθε μέρα πολλούς και διάφορους αγώνες. Ελληνικούς, πρέμιερ, Πορτογαλέζικους, Εκουαντόρ ... Σε μερικούς από αυτούς έρχεται το φαβορί σημείο, σε μερικούς δεν έρχεται και τελικά μαζεύεται ότι ταμείο μαζεύεται ανάλογα τι παίξαμε. Αυτά τώρα τα ματς που...
  4. cosmicsports

    EYP - what does this organization do?

    I have never understood what this ... independent authority serves. Legitimate sites are the job of the Ministry of Finance to authorize them - in line with the prevailing perception of the European Union to have free competition but to issue national licenses for betting sites. The ...
  5. cosmicsports

    PAOK - SAINT 06-08-2019

    He'll be laughing at the pardon today too. 20.00 start time. Odds: Ajax = 1.95 Ajax -1 = 3.40 HT over 1.5 = 2.75 HT over 2.5 = 8.00!
  6. cosmicsports

    The betting policy of the new government

    The undisputed-unstable-aaaa worst government of unrepeatable clowns of history has definitely belonged to the past. The betting policy of the new government now what will it be? I am very afraid of one of (c) same. This is because there is no betting people. Bigger zirzibi ...
  7. cosmicsports

    VAR favors the under?

    Continue goal cancels (three in the Oruguay-Peru match). But even in almost all the goals put VAR, because the defenders cry. In my opinion favors under. In the penalty we suppose it is fifty-fifty to give one of the VAR or take it back to VAR. Which are not - these ...
  8. cosmicsports

    New government - new on-the-spot arrogance on betting?

    I believe you agree without risk of corroborating the political neutrality of the forum that in 35 Merlot will have a new government, of today's leave time. It is likely that new uncles will come out and tell us "aaaaa they have grown too much - a tax 20-30% ...
  9. cosmicsports

    Scratch, is there a trick?

    Many are trying to break the scratch puzzle. Youtube is full of video how to see it says through the scratch with rays, but everything is jammed. With x-ray photography I do not know if an image would appear, but certainly the material is absorbent and does not pass through ...
  10. cosmicsports

    What is its role?

    We have said that EEEP is a useless organization but we pay for it from the state budget and also with a small bet on tax (0.7%) I think. ELAS could have prepared a blacklist and put up the fences. On illegal gambling ...
  11. cosmicsports

    OPAP - Horse Racing - unlawful with the complex

    The following was also sent to the EYEP Horse Racing Complex - OPAP BACKGROUND As you might know OPAP converted the distributable percentage for the Ghanian game (first payer) to 90% from 85% which was X in XUMUMN x But in the horse racing complex ...
  12. cosmicsports

    Will you become a member of a betting union?

    The question is addressed to bettors. Those who aren't betters I know will write to me that "Marx forbids it" so if they don't want to spoil me, let's get another one to discuss Marx's relationship with betting or keep them silent forever. The first...
  13. cosmicsports


    The scene is in paradise. Santa Claus in the office of Christ discussing. Christos: We have been calling for a lot of years for mommy's macaroni but we also have an issue with this horse race in Greece. Santa Claus: What can I do with my boss? Ahead I was eating a reindeer ...
  14. cosmicsports

    Agents now satisfied?

    I will generalize the hike says Alexiadis and look for other torture against companies. Are we okay now?
  15. cosmicsports

    ND election network

    It's a matter of days. Before you go into why he broke down, did you notice the cost? 700,000 euro! For 280 euros I would make it in twenty minutes. 500 I would ask if I cut off their eyelids that they give but basically 280. How would I do that? With one software module in each center. The voter who ...
  16. cosmicsports


    If someone wants to make a deposit with a betting company what is the point now? Does Paysafe Work? With a favorable plan-A scenario, it will keep 2-3 years saying that.
  17. cosmicsports

    Dark room and European court freeze OPAP

    OPAP Signatures and Contracts Freeze ~ PRAKTORES ONLINE I would add that the investor is in danger of putting his hand in his pocket and grabbing the shoe. We have so much money left in Greece that Langard is not able to make lists.
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