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  1. betover

    Διάφορα συστήματα και επαναπονταρίσματα

    After my first and unsuccessful attempt to avoid new issues, I will upload my game here. I'll update you on any system changes.
  2. betover

    Απόδοση άνω του 1,30 την ημέρα.

    Θα προσπαθήσω από το κινητό να κάνω επαναπονταρισμα ανά ημέρα. (δεν έχω πρόσβαση σε υπολογιστή). Στοχος μου η απόδοση πάνω από 1,30 Θα ήθελα δημόσια να δω μέχρι που μπορώ να φτάσω. Φυσικά αν τα καταφέρω να 10πλασιασω ( το 1 €) τότε θα αυξήσω το νέο αρχικό. (ποντάρω στην bet365)
  3. betover


    Basically let's say a big THANK YOU to the bigger and better INFOBETO betting forum ... that allows me to do this energy ... I believe many kids are interested in income-paradise systems and let you know that it works again .... and the generators are ...
  4. betover

    New 3,00 rendering system

    Before I get started I would like to say a couple of words about the systems I occasionally post and stop briefly. I start some system ... (no matter how good or not) and then stop it shortly ... that will not say that the system is a failure .... just the purpose of starting something is to share it ...
  5. betover

    Record options

    Please 2 guys on the Internet and would like to share their choices. I bet with a percentage on the cellar .. and we see ... The yellow options are from Norway and Blue .. I don't know where !!!!! The choices are green.
  6. betover

    Still a little Duplicate

  7. betover

    Statistically maybe .....

    (With such a headline I'm in the case of losing !!!! hahahahahaha) I'm not famous for my right choices .. (at least in the bet !!!) but as far as I'm looking I find something that stands out. Today ENG NL 21 Race: 45 Wrexham FC - Harrogate Town I believe in statistics ...
  8. betover

    System <<Commando>>

    I start a system <<Commando>> I have split the original chapter into 2 subclasses and try to increase the subcategories by 45%. I'll start with the first, if it's lost, I'll go to the second. The increase (45%) of each can, can be done with an 1,45 yield or with refunds, to get to ...
  9. betover

    System (For Patients)

    Basically I'm starting my favorite system with the Fallen System Generator. In a nutshell I have a performance (whatever I want) not below 1,71 and as much as I earn ... I continue to do so. If I lose, I do all in the rest of the (current) cellar at no less than 1,19 !!! Because...
  10. betover

    Parole with goals in half time

  11. betover

    Primers with Over 1.5

  12. betover

    The Refund of the Day

    Every day I will try to multiply 5 by an initial bet. Of course, the size of the amount is typical of an arrow. If I lose a bet I will lose the whole Eurole. And then ... tomorrow again. I keep a cashier. Let's go then!!!! AZE D2 65 'Zaqatala FK 0-0 (0-0) Zira FK II Over 0.5 @ 1.44
  13. betover

    Gambling Remarks

    Hello forum and thank you for hosting. Here I will try to record some of the comments I have made lately on betting. Many times it is in live betting and of course in pre-launch options .... Thanks again for the hospitality.
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  • BetLaden BetLaden:
    fair enough
  • G GRaptakis:
  • S Siomos1:
    How they threw Real at her ...
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    I like that even the players are cheats
  • G GRaptakis:
    photo shoot ... carvahal went there like shepherd with glitch
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    Carvahal makes sense that he found the ball. Since you haven't found a hawaiian and the bar will justify the referee
    so we switch channels and we see Juve
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    they have made it hui
    a chance for Juve!
  • G GRaptakis:
    red rel
  • G GRaptakis:
  • BetLaden BetLaden:
    However, I will risk Juve at 5,50 because Juve this year with its 15th most goals is the last but Lyon's weak 15th is also the last 15th
  • P Pragias:
    Juve presses but he spoils it in the end
  • G GRaptakis:
    Higuain will cut it to pieces
  • P Pragias:
    i've put a fanbase in iwain
    Draw - Lyon Final - Juventus @ 7.15
  • G GRaptakis:
    but he didn't want us
  • BetLaden BetLaden:
    okay ... well done overall!
  • BetLaden BetLaden:
    Good night everyone ... see you tomorrow with Europa and Olympic
    good evening
  • P Pragias:
    Goodnight to everyone
  • vaggosalonika vaggosalonika:
    good evening with the company
  • S Siomos1:
    Good evening...
    vaggosalonika vaggosalonika: : sneaky: