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  1. animusbet

    Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday to the Winners of the forum and to those who have celebrations to enjoy
  2. animusbet

    combo bet

    Here I will put in 1E selections from a single game to see what it will be: fish: Thelta-Espanyol (5.40 odds) Thelta over1.5 and Aspas scoring over9.5 corners
  3. animusbet

    Buckets 2019-20

    Here I will place my bets with 1E each Rangers-Celtic elimination (3.15) Austria-Rapid elimination (4.30) Adlerlecht-Standard elimination (4.45) Radu (Lazio) card (2.20)
  4. animusbet

    IFC # 15: A GROUP: 29 Racing

    29th Racing Moderator: animusbet
  5. animusbet

    IFC # 15: A GROUP: 11 Racing

    11th Racing Moderator: animusbet
  6. animusbet

    IFC # 15: A GROUP: 7 Racing

    7th Racing Moderator: animusbet
  7. animusbet

    IFC # 15: A GROUP: 3 Racing

    3 rd Moderator: animusbet
  8. animusbet

    20/1/2018 Larissa-AEK *

    over6.5 cards (1.75) stoiximan 4/10 penalty (2.95) stoiximan 1/10 Race for the 18th Greek Championship at 19:30. Larissa didn't start well this year after making two defeats in the league (3-0 by Olympiacos inside and 3-1 by Asteras Tripolis outside) and losing 2-0 ...
  9. animusbet

    Valencia-Fenner 11/1/2018

    Fenerbahce (-2.5) 1.90 bet365 3/10 Race for the 17th Euroleague at 21:45. Valencia, after their first 16 games, have a record of 5-11 in third place from the end.
  10. animusbet

    24/4/17 Eibar-Bilbao *

    elimination (3.10) stoiximan 2/10 Race to complete the 33rd match of the Spanish league at 21:45. Eibar lost just 2-0 away from Betis, conceded a quick goal and then failed to break through the opponent's defense. Nevertheless it is the pleasant surprise of ...
  11. animusbet


    Today's great celebration, as it was today, Jesus Christ was baptized by John the Baptist on the Jordan River. Happy birthday to those who are celebrating today (Fotis, Fotini, Fanis, Fani), wishing to get them
  12. animusbet

    13 / 11 / 2016 GREECE-BOSNIA *

    over4.5 cards (1.87) stoiximan (3/10) Race for the 4th match of the 8th group for the World Cup qualifiers. The national team is giving us the most important game today as it faces the team that will fight with it for the 2nd place in the group, the first one being crowned by the ...
  13. animusbet


    SPANISH ATHLETIC CHAMPIONSHIP over0.5 to 30:00 1.73 stoiximan 5/10 Race for the 8th match Atletico is one of the most serious teams in Europe with the demanding Simonone on the bench. the opponent and what he needs ...
  14. animusbet

    Chasing 1.60

    I decided to deal with a system that I liked from a system generator. The requested performance will be 1.60 and I will not lose 3 consecutive times. I will start with 80E original cellar and at the 3 stages I will follow I will bet the 6.5% of the cell in the first stage, 25.4% in the second ...
  15. animusbet

    Those who say they will tax wealth ...

    ... do they mean that?
  16. animusbet


    over2.5 (2.00) bet365 5/10 METALIST over1.5 (2.20) bet365 4/10 Repeat match for qualifying in the Europa League 4 in Kharkiv. In the first match Sporting won 2-1, its away rule applies goal. Metalist went to the first game to not lose but they didn't ...
  17. animusbet


    For a month Mr. George was not feeling well, he goes to the next village to his doctor's friend. The doctor examines him and says ... 'My friend you have cancer, you'll still have two months, eat, drink, as long as you can. The next day, Mr. George goes to the cozy cafe and ...
  18. animusbet


    1st Doubles with 10E Nuremberg-Bacern over2.5 (1.57) UDinese-Roma over2.5 (1.72) 2nd Doubles with 5E Gómez (BACERN) scorer anytime (2.10) BILBAO-REAL knockout (2.70)
  19. animusbet

    Wednesday doubleheaders

    I will bet on two doubles with 10E each for today, keep Messi in the scorer and play two cards for Manchester players who will be under a lot of pressure today. 1st pair with 3.84 average scorer anytime (1.60) SCOOPS card (2.40) 2nd pair with 4.48 average scorer anytime ...
  20. animusbet

    Sunday snack

    Single (10E) and Triple (5E), 35E betting total. CATHANIA-PALMERE Exemption (3.00) NI NATALE scorer anytime (2.10) BENEFIT-PORTO Exemption (3.00) Good luck to all
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