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    Greek Characters for 'old' Lotto & Joker Programs in DOS

    Happy Children and Happy Birthday To many who celebrate today. Unfortunately for a long time I had to 'miss' it here. There was contact with a 'comforum' however, who we had a lot in common with old OPAP lottery programs, such as LOTTO and Joker for ...
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    COSMON Software

    Answer: COSMON Software They are systems and software programs - like Artemis for example. I'm interested in 'Greek Software' for numerology.
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    COSMON Software

    Answer: COSMON Software Did any of the 'old' here find anything?
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    Answer: Prepa Did you find these? You can use emulators on your PC to test them
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    COSMON Software

    Answer: COSMON Software If one has the programs, they are purchased at 100 euros.
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    COSMON Software

    Answer: COSMON Software They have kept nothing more than their old programs - at least that's what they told me when I asked.
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    PROP, LOTTO Joker ... RIP?

    Answer: PROPO, LOTTO Joker ... RIP? No 'basic' terms like Odd-Even or Tens for example. Although these terms can of course be realized as 'Counts or Basics'. 'Negative Strings eg' or 'custom' terms that cut columns, but also have a lot of 'verification'. If...
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    COSMON Software

    Answer: COSMON Software Good morning. Guys, did any of the old guys find out about the COSMON Programs? It is very important for me to find them. The disks I had are not read from the drive anymore. If any, I'm interested in buying. For the price we will find ...
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    Welcome to new members

    Answer: Welcome to the new members Welcome!
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    Good evening to all

    Answer: Good evening to all Children. Sorry for the op-topical too. At that time we are many ... From spectru to Amiga and Atari. PIXEL Magazine in hand and 'duo' in 'Brain' to copy games ... Great seasons ... I still have the Amiga 500 with ...
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