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    Why should a betting company go into the process of closing / expelling winning customers?

    (in addition to legitimacy, for example, you work in the industry or play in rigged games, etc.) Since the money you earn is not taken from them but from other players who bet on the opposite result and especially whatever you win will always turn pale in front of super profits ...
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    Goalbet: Sure Bet, Value Bet, trading

    I log in and register by activating email, it throws me to the page and I see 37. The accounts of the customers whose Sur Bet, Value Bet, trading, etc. are made will be deactivated and any profit that has arisen will be deducted. Also, before the rest of the ...
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    Reliable betting company?

    good evening friends gamblers I intend to take advantage of company registration bonuses which are reliable beyond bet365 and bet? thanks
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