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  1. kerkireos

    Championsbet - Betting arrangements

    Tigres had offered a lot in the short time he was in the forum ...
  2. kerkireos

    Championsbet - Betting arrangements

    In the last sentence I liked it, please don't ban me like Tigres!
  3. kerkireos

    Lefteris Avgenakis: The new measures for sports

    We have been patient for 7 years to see our team on the field again and when it returns with good to the B local, the games will logically be behind closed doors ....: sick:
  4. kerkireos

    Coronation bet

  5. kerkireos

    Coronation bet

  6. kerkireos


    Add OZ.
  7. kerkireos

    Doing a cashout?

    I don't know what scarf I was eating, I had the impression that I was going to boast 100 and not 350.:rolleyes: I think it's a great steal of 65 euros for a team that is a step up from 8. Thanks guys, I won't cash out, the city is going crazy, waiting for the next draw and ...
  8. kerkireos

    Doing a cashout?

  9. kerkireos

    Doing a cashout?

    At some point in September I specially dream of champions Liverpool, City Champions League. He gave 3.50x4.75. My Liverpool has paid for it and is giving me a cashout of 415 euros.
  10. kerkireos

    Question about the most appropriate way to play

    Simply, he does not know exactly the RO of the returns or the success rate. If it is 2.00 on average and 52,5 is a mark, the Monos ensure at least a smaller gap if he is a negative player.
  11. kerkireos

    Question about the most appropriate way to play

    @tarantules Will most previous matches be played? Forms, news etc. From then on?
  12. kerkireos

    Question about the most appropriate way to play

    The answer is simple and I don't even need to read what the previous ones wrote, I imagine someone would have mentioned it already. ONLY WITH A STABLE FIX.
  13. kerkireos

    Postponements of matches in Italy continue

    To see when all these games will be made. Why don't they do it in camera?
  14. kerkireos

    Unacceptable traffic from Paysafecard

    Why paysafe and not a bank deposit card?
  15. kerkireos

    sans voir English Cups

    Other than playing 100 times and wanting 10 Portsmouth wins to present our money back and another 17 ....
  16. kerkireos

    Do you win companies?

    There are cultures of billions of years, not just millions of people, just because they want somebody not to know the truth.
  17. kerkireos

    Problem with stoiximan

    And if he wins on Stoiximan?
  18. kerkireos

    Accurate scoring systems

    I don't need to compare anything, I asked according to the verification rates. 83% 1.72 1.4276 75% 2.00 1.5000 83% 1.55 1.2865 67% 2.65 1.7755 Has the highest value "risk" in theory resulting from high yields?
  19. kerkireos

    Accurate scoring systems

    Why the 424 has a higher risk than the 426?
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