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    so i saw today the olympic card advertising and i was really laughing at it, even in the video off side goal; : twis :: twis:
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    what is this Nicolas? wait, wait, and you nothing. let's pour some oil on the fire
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    Sponsor house for a football team!

    Paliopyrgos Trikalon was surprised to launch shirts sponsored by a ceremonial office. Bukefalas in Larissa went a step further by closing a deal with a house of tolerance! This is the house ... of the era "Soula" as stated on the shirt of the club, which has rightly become "talk of ...
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    The 10 kids-wonders of the planet

    The 10 Children - Wonders of the Planet Written by both of them ... Panagiotis Georgiou Post: 30 April 2009 From the smartest man on earth to the two-year-old painter, MEN 24 presents the 10 children wonders of modern history. <SCRIPT type = text / javascript> <! - // ...
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    Sell ​​my kidney :mado::mado::mado: :mado::mado:
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    60 -> 500

    After a long time in betfair and big lay I think it's time to take a break. I did very well this weekend and managed to reduce the tennis buzz to a minimum and say I should start a calm period now. Why is it that I'm starting to get tired of all this with betfair and too much ...
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