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  1. kerkireos

    Doing a cashout?

    At some point in September I specially dream of champions Liverpool, City Champions League. He gave 3.50x4.75. My Liverpool has paid for it and is giving me a cashout of 415 euros.
  2. kerkireos

    Very low betting limits

    It strikes me that Apollo Kalamaria's winning championship gives 2500 odds and lets me play half a euro. What do they fear?
  3. kerkireos

    Corfu Asian 2019-2020

    I restart the track record, the vast majority of bets will be single, AH in football matches, 10.000 bank, most bets will be 100 points, max bet 500 points.
  4. kerkireos

    Beating Pinnacle Closing Odds

    Average Diff Average Diff% Frequencies 0.019% 3.8% Beat Equal Below Sample 294 games 51.6% 6.4% 42.0%
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