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  1. ge082

    14/5/2017 Sampdoria - Chievo *

    Sampdoria had certainly relaxed lately, but the 7-3 from Lazio definitely ruined her good image this year. After her amazing run in the spring with a record of 6-2-1 with the only defeat by Juve and the terrible double in Inter that probably leaves her out of Europe, a bad series of 0-2-3 is running ...
  2. ge082

    26-10-16 Inter - Turin *

    The Milanese are in a very bad situation, both competitively and psychologically. Third consecutive defeat in the championship, all with 2-1, while in Europe after the crossings by Hapoel Beer Sava and Sparta Prague they managed and got a very lucky victory with 1-0 against Southampton. The English in this match ...
  3. ge082

    18-10-16 Dinamo Zagreb - Sevilla *

    Dinamo Zagreb is not as bad as the two Champions League matches that they lost unbeaten. After the change of coach caused by these heavy defeats, the team seems to be recovering, having 4 consecutive matches in the Croatian championship without conceding a goal. Also, tonight he is playing ...
  4. ge082

    16-10-16 Wolfsburg-Leipzig *

    Wolfsburg generally follow defensive tactics in their matches, which is reflected in all three 0-0 that they have brought in the first six games. In the most recent match, they were 0-0 with Mainz, which played with several changes, which displeased the management and ...
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