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    With a coupon of 5,20 euros it got 3.931,20 euros!

    Answer: With a voucher of 5,20 euros it took 3.931,20 euros! very doubtful he would make money if he cut all 4 with the element: P
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    FIFA investigation into illegal betting involving Abraham Papadopoulos!

    Answer the FIFA Survey illegal betting in which Abraham participated Papadop The ESTEINE PRESS SIDE / corner, AFTOGKOLARA IN THE NATIONAL tore NETS been heard that they had played 30.000 IN Owerri 2.5 Great ABRAHAM: priest :: priest :: priest: : priest :: priest:
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    Repetitive Champions League Games!

    Answer: Champions League Rematches! FUNBETIA United 2-0 (7.5) Roma 2-1 (8.00) ------------------ United 0-0 hmixrono 2-0 Teliko (19.00) (but you close it cash out in the box) ROMA 1 / X (15.00)
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    Repetitive Champions League Games!

    Answer: Champions League Rematches! Personally, I would be very happy if United were excluded but I believe the match is uninspired by a few. I don't know yet if I'll play it. Why I go against the feeling (I support Sevilla) Now for Roma match as a first choice I have over 1.5 ...
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    Top of Derby: PAOK - AEK

    Answer: Top Derby: PAOK - AEK Definitely the set should be more divided and there is value to the right and let's go 5-0. I personally think Paok will get it but if I was playing something it would be a goal and an over.
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