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    Glove with LED lenses

    Answer: Glove with LED Lens Advertising I pay to advertise. If someone is advertising in such "every way", then the sites will not have revenue, and will be closed in "every way". Those who are advertised in the right way without having a spat, are sucking. Revered to ...
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    Glove with LED lenses

    Answer: Glove with LED Lenses Advertising. And indeed in many sites.
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    Answer: GOOD EASTER Good Resurrection to Everyone !!!!
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    Happy New Year

    Answer: GOOD YEAR TO HAVE Good Year to Everyone!
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    Good festivals for infobetakis

    Answer: Good infobetakis celebrations Happy birthday, good celebrations !!!
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    New President of the EEPC V. Karagrigorou

    Answer: New CEO, Mr. V. Karagrigorou And who tells us that any government that exists in 2020 will not give an extension eg as 2025 (and then as 2030 and goes on to say); In Greece, any government if it wants, with a signature circumvents anything. So unfortunately ...
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    Competition: Olympiacos - Panathinaikos

    Answer: Competition: Olympiacos - Panathinaikos 34 '
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    Perception - Reality

    Answer: Perception - Reality This is a mathematical problem, not a question of psychology or wicked thinking about the presenter's motivation. Mathematical problems, issues of psychology or bluff are not taken into consideration. Therefore, in the above mathematical problem, the correct answer is that ...
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    Perception - Reality

    Answer: Perception - Reality You change because it is a gift. Chances of 33% are 66%. In the same example, if we had to choose between 1000 where 999 is goats and the 1 car, we chose one, opened 998 goats and changed the choice, from the probability 0,1% to ...
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    Competition: AEK - Panathinaikos

    Answer: Competition: AEK - Panathinaikos AEK 4 '
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    Competition: Olympiacos - Anderlecht

    Answer: Contest: Olympiacos - Anderlecht Anderlecht 34 '
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    Competition: Panathinaikos - PAOK

    Answer: Contest: Panathinaikos - PAOK XOUMX
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    Anderlecht - Olympiacos contest

    Answer: Contest ANTERLEX - OLYMPIC ANDRLECHT 14 '
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    Competition: AEK - Olympiacos

    Answer: Contest: AEK - Olympiacos AEK 65
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    Olympiacos - PAOK competition

    Answer: Olympiacos - PAOK competition OSFP 27 '
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    Guess the score at OSFP - PAO and win gifts !!!

    Answer: Guess the score at OSFP - PAO and win gifts !!! 68-66
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    Answer: Bogdan (for your penultimate post, in order for 4 paragraphs): Your mind went there. I did not refer to mistakes (which of course are tragic and unacceptable), but in deceit. For example, the nuclear tests that have transformed the Pacific Ocean into Nuclear. Wonderful ...
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    Answer: Bogdanos Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which is today their anniversary, who do they mean? From Castro? And while the Chernobyl you invoke was made by mistake, of course tragically unjustified, while Hiroshima from DOLO. Also what I mentioned about what we eat, and those from ...
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    Answer: Bogdanos On capitalism we have eaten out of horses, out-of-stale-sprayed products, mutants that others can be harmless and other, not adulterated, poisons, mercury fish not saying and radioactively, doping meats, until I do not know what , and apart from the water ...
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    Answer: Bogdanos I saw the video, you probably did not read the link. Maduro said, as the first sentence says, and neither I nor the linkage I have questioned: "If we could talk to the Greeks and the Greek women, we could sing together with the Comunicalle ...
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