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  1. johnbill

    8th Match Group BETDAQ IFC # 8: 11/10/2011

    Γ ΟΜΙΛΟΣ WEEK 8 11/10/2011 Liverpool (Zorian) East Stirling Albion (ALEX) Café Opera (tsitoni) Boca Juniors (SPYRIDON) Red Star (g10vanni) St Pauli (Ιεροφάντης) Juventus (Jmarkog) Rangers (silver) Wolves (Daggerwolf ) LA Galaxy (infobeto) Schalke (SpeCialOn3) ...
  2. johnbill

    BWIN-BETRIS COMPETITION 29 / 08 / 2011 *

    <table bgcolor = "# c9c9c9" border = "0" cellpadding = "0" cellspacing = "1" width = "620"> <tbody> </tbody> </table> <table bgcolor = "C9C9C9" border = " 0 "cellpadding =" 0 "cellspacing =" 1 "width =" 620 "> <tbody> <tr height =" 16 "> <td align =" center "bgcolor =" E9F4E9 "> Δ </td> <td align = "center" bgcolor = "B8DCA0"> ONE </td> <td ...
  3. johnbill

    BWIN-BETRIS 04 / 02 / 2011 COMPETITION

    <table bgcolor = "# c9c9c9" border = "0" cellpadding = "0" cellspacing = "1" width = "620"> <tbody> </tbody> </table> <table bgcolor = "# c9c9c9" border = "0" cellpadding = "0" cellspacing = "1" width = "620"> <tbody> <tr height = "16"> <td align = "center" bgcolor = "# e9f4e9"> Δ </td> < td align = "center" bgcolor = "# b8dca0"> OD </td> <td ...
  4. johnbill

    Happy Birthday....

    Happy birthday diego ....: beers1 :: beers1 :: beers1: Do whatever you want and ... .... sign:
  5. johnbill

    IFC Hall Of Fame: Champions and Cup Winners

    Το Hall of Fame του Infobeto Football Championship 2005-06 IFC#2 Werder Bremen (T0x1c1983) 2006-07 IFC#3 Cafe Opera (Tsitoni) 2007-08 IFC#4 Derby County (Bit1) 2008-09 IFC#5 Manchester Utd (Johnbill) 2009-10 IFC#6 Bayern Munich (BetLaden) IFC CUP #1 Sao Caetano (Elafokinigos) IFC...
  6. johnbill

    Really poor LADA ....

    Get here ....: bb :: bb: Hacked By Crysis (LADA Hellas site) If anyone can tell us what that song is and what song it is ....: bb :: bb :: bb:
  7. johnbill

    22. UNIBET Goal Mania #2 27-28 / 2 / 2010

    The 22nd match of the UNIBET Goal-Mania Competition # 2 includes the match of February 27-28. START COPY username <table id = "table1" style = "border-collapse: collapse;" border = "1" cellspacing = "1" width = "536"> <tbody> <tr> <td align = "center" bgcolor = "# cccccc" width = "44"> a </td> <td ...
  8. johnbill

    I just closed it ....

    I just booked this for city traffic .... I'll pick it up on Monday (after some extras) .... What I have to say is that it was the car I liked the most after the FIAT 500 lounge ... .. But the disgusting Flask went much further ....: emb:
  9. johnbill


    These odds are valid until the start of the first quarterfinals ... Then new ones will come out .... [/ media]
  10. johnbill

    Surebet ........

    The title is a bit: emb: misleading .......: twis: I just wanted to say this bet will bet for sure .....: teass :: lig :: (please very much, those who don't appreciate my "high" quality humor, let's now tick the box with the X symbol on the top right of the computer screen ...
  11. johnbill

    Riskon .................

    Setubal - Porto I read about tradition ...... Setubal has been winning at the door for fifteen years (maybe more ....) And above that I look for the double in the form of the host .... 2 defeats in the last 3 but out ..... In her stint she has 4 wins ...
  12. johnbill

    Descriptions .............

    I don't know how many you saw yesterday in volleyball :-) but I was very upset with the spokesman ..... Unacceptable description ..... Generally the level of descriptions and annotations is not that good ..... It is that are irrelevant to the rules and tactics of ...
  13. johnbill

    Pempti ......

    Pempti simera kai meta ton x8esino aneto kai xoris agonia koyva toy OPAP apophasizo na timiso tin mikroyla tis Italias stoy GB ...... Verona Cagliari Palermo Zitame dyades kai triada ...... Horse epityxia kyrioi .....
  14. johnbill

    Tartar .....

    Molis mpika spiti apo to praktoreio ..... 2 deltiakia ston opap simera ..... Moldova (isa isa to prolava epese sto 1.80 or 2.10) Pasching X2 DE Servia (Isos na 3enerosoyn toys italoys simera ....) Colombia Paraguae Systima 4-5 Denmark Saltzburg Georgia Sweden Wales ...
  15. johnbill

    Lavrakia ......

    Lavrakia kai melanoyria sta karvoyna ..... Koloky8akia tiganita (3erete ta oraia me to koyrkoytaki) .... potato salata .... kai SKORDALIA ...... :-) Synodeymena with krasi kokkino apo to xorio .. ..: alcohol:: alcohol: Ayto den itan mesimeriano ..... dionysiako orgio itan .... :-) Except ...
  16. johnbill

    Tartar ....

    Molis eri3a in deltiaki ston OPAP with ponatrismataki ..... Zurich Betis Gil Vicente Karfoto ka ta myala sta kagkela .... Kai stoys GB meta ton oraiotato x8esino koyva tin Sociedad rixnoyme ena e3isoy kalo pontarismat .. .. Betis-Espanyol 0: 1 ....... 1 ...
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  • Water resistant Water resistant:
    I do not think they will be eaten on penalties
  • Water resistant Water resistant:
    finally they ate 4-5
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  • K Koulos87:
    Will we start this weekend or will we be informed? Also we only give points or overovers; Thanks. I am playing for the 1st time and I am not mentally ready yet !!! hahaha
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    for ifc you say?
  • Eric Castel Eric Castel:
    Ertzan just tell him under over to take the match on paper. I have him for the first time :p
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    Koulos87 said:
    Only points
    Good morning alanya
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    Good morning Good morning
  • S Forum Bot:
  • Eric Castel Eric Castel:
    Good morning, I want to write an analysis in the main but it does not show me the ratings of other countries besides Greece. I entered from another browser, restarted klp but nothing.
    And he has not shown them to me for a long time!
  • Eric Castel Eric Castel:
    And where do you copy the names of the teams?
  • betokamatiaris betokamatiaris:
    Good morning! Will the Interwetten competition start today?
  • Eric Castel Eric Castel:
    It started yesterday. It does not matter, play today.
    Eric I have to find them elsewhere .... I thought he only did it to me
  • betokamatiaris betokamatiaris:
    Oh I did not understand! It has its own page I guess ...
    if you enter from a laptop ..... it has on the left with white letters "competitions" .... click there and you will find it ....
  • betokamatiaris betokamatiaris:
    Thank you very much!!!
    And there is a similar competition in the Champoions League and Europa groups, when they start
  • betokamatiaris betokamatiaris:
    Thanks again "co-religionist" ... I have to coordinate and my visits have more time in order to look better!
    And of course there is the Tipsters Challenge ....