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    Economic and Betting Immigrant

    Good evening in the company, I would like your lights for one thing. I am a player who has been eaten by the limits of most licensed betting in Greece, and in a few weeks I will leave for France for work reasons. I have seen that France has 17 betting licenses (unfortunately not ...
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    Credit Withdrawal

    Does one of your friends know when credit is being withdrawn, how does the money from the card go to the bank account so that they are available for withdrawal?
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    They went to Parnitha Casino and got all their money!

    Well, if that is true, the Greek is daring !!!! Always find a solution for everything! They went to the Parnitha casino, he said, deposited their money in the casino, took them in check and cashed them in cash. And they understood them just went over 1.000! Djimani there at the casino. And they...
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    Bet8 payments

    Good evening guys, although I have been a "follower" of the forum for years, I registered today for a question. Has anyone made a withdrawal in the last month from bet8? If so, was it successful? I received an e-mail in January that my withdrawal was completed ...
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