bwin problem

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    Unjustified delay in payment of BWIN

    Good evening everyone, I would like to inform you about a problem that arose regarding a withdrawal I requested on Monday 17/02 via scroll. After I made the request for the withdrawal, I was informed by e-mail that the withdrawal was approved and that in 2-6 hours I would receive my money. From Wednesday ...
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    BWIN: Exclude account with balance> 400 euro

    Good-bye children, until I was a customer of with username karatasios10. Below I inform you about what is happening to me with the above betting company. In the company I made my registration on 18 / 11 / 2016 being enticed by the bus, and because of the name it has.
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    Complaint about abusive behavior of Bwin

    Good evening, although I do today a "chef" in post in this forum, I have been an occasional visitor in recent years, being the most popular Greek betting community. Following a member of the forum that is my friend, I decided to write my recent experience with ...
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