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6 Apr 2016

The new chapter of her successful campaign Stoiximan launches and is now spreading across the city, which observes its members enjoying the game wherever they are!

How would it feel to have yours? casino; Great? Exciting; For sure. Impossibility; Excluded, because Stoiximan it makes it a reality.

With reference to the television movie, we are transported to a whole town to watch it live and breathe. But something disturbs the calm everyday life. Lights suddenly appear at various points to give her a charming beauty. At first we don't know what causes them or where they come from. But every shot, every move of the protagonists and every second brings us closer to the solution to the fascinating mystery: the whole city is filled with personalized casino signs, one for each player's username. Stoiximan online casino. The journey into the city continues and allows us to take a peek inside these personal casinos, disrupting the traditional image we all have in mind when we hear the word casino.

I read the rest of the article here: https://bit.ly/2YT3I2H


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