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Go to the thick, you are asking for a light make-up just to be stretched out and
you leave there like a Giannitsa backpack.

- Back to the bastard and I lit !!!
- My baby I am ... I got out

What does the girl say?
- Karagounis.
- That is?
- It falls easily.

The closest to sex I have had lately is I gave it one
A fifty-five-day-old and told me now you're fucking us.

- Come on baby ... make me scream like crazy!
- You fuckin '!


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I was in my hangout cozy last night and drank my drink,
i see 3 chicks, models, nailed me, didn't get their eyes on top
me all night.
It was a poster.

The time will come when we will have no spaghetti for our lobster!

I went to the 7.30 road in the morning and suddenly popped back out of the mountains one
big flaming luminous ball ...... let's say it's over ..... then I understood
that it was the sun ......
I had never woken up so early

Rosewater: The water that the wheels of a car launch when they pass by
speed from a puddle to the rain ..

- But well, will you eat a whole pizza on your own?
- And many of us are!

How many french fries & chocolates did we eat to make our mood &
eventually our ass was overwhelmed.

Girls I went to Vodafone to terminate my contract and left with a new one
new mobile, fixed and internet and i think i expect a kid as well ....

When I'm bored, I call a baker and say, "Buddy, the breads.
you are measured "


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- Every buddy thracian and all my teeth were broken.
- Dax, don't mind.

I'm going out with some kids from Atlantis.
- Do you hang out with these losers ???

- A souvlaki please with salted crispy pie, without tomato, onion,
potatoes and tzatziki.
- Around or do you want it for frisbee?

- Do you think the dress is too short and everyone looks at me like that?
- Don't worry about us Takis, they envy you!

- Tell me something poetic ...
-Let you get the hell and not Seferi.

- are you a plant? D
-so I will hit you again with the palm surface 100cm ^ 2 and
speed 15m / s for
make a plastic impact on your face and accept 160 Newton power
there is a 30% chance of getting brain damage!

-Your check is not disclosed.
- Give her a goal to score.

- You're a bit of a jerk but I love you right away
- And where can I go?

-I want to break up!!
- why are you immature ..
-he!! 1-0

I went to a psychologist, I told him mine, he remembered something of his own and
here, we drink beer now.

I was on the beach, shouting "PNIGOMAI", the lifeguard falls, reaches me,
beats me in the back: "Christmas-Christmas !!!

Hannibal is a very gentleman. When women weigh him,. Hannibal
sits and eats them.


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-Hello. What's your name;
- Gabriella
- I like Gabriel very much. You want in about a year from now
are we sorry we met?

- Hello Gorgeous! What's your name;
- Ria.
- Very beautiful! How were you baptized?
- Sugar

- baby sit you go?
-you put on your "me"
-catch me, baby ... where are you going?

-Goal. We can no longer fool you for my unnecessary pounds
- Find my baby. Think about our child
-Who's our kid?
- What, you're not pregnant?

- We're talking so long, won't you tell me your name?
- Apparently, you just seemed like a little jerk to me.
-I was glad they said, my name is Helen!

- Sorry I hurt you, I want you back ..
- Get a glass ..
-I took..
- Throw it down ... Did it break?
- That's how you broke your heart ... NO PLASTIC REALLY!

-But do you want to jump?
- I'm sorry, I'm looking for something serious ...
- Okay I'm not gonna promise it

- Baby babe! I heard you like bad boys!
-Yes and;
-My mom put me to sleep on 10 yesterday and slept on 10: 30

- Baby, we need to talk about our relationship. What's up to you
- The one coming from the right!

-Take us a ride in the car?
- you got a foul?
-not good, since it doesn't go with the shirt ....

-This lady hit me and blew my knee ..
- yes, yes, lady did we!
(Jehovah's Witnesses)

His girlfriend caught him drying his cock with his hair dryer.
-"What are you doing?" He asked him.
- "Warm up your evening" he replied.
And that's how the fight started!

Dear cosmopolitan ... when I say something to my Takis, he scratches his @@ ... with me
does it write or is it something skinish ????

Dear Cosmopolitan When you say a guy clicks you mean right
or left?

I broke up with my cross-dresser, because I caught her looking at me ...

I'm not short. I am the perfection concentrated.


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Another writes that love is like a tango ... they need two.
That is, shit is like zebeki ... it needs one (and a good one!)

The horn is for warning and to avoid accidents.
So it's no coincidence that we use it in weddings too !!!

- Oh, let me ask you something good ..
- Yes, tell me..
- Do you stay here in the area ??
- Yes ..
- Do you know a tall, blonde, bearded ???
- Name;;
- Ah, I have no preference..what to do ..

George goes to his mother and says:
- Mother I have something to tell you ...
- What a George my child?
- I'm getting married in July!
- Nice son ...
Are you my boyfriend? (tells his friend).
- No! I am July ... !!!


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Polyphemus' dream was to become a diplomat

Marriage is the failed attempt to give a duration to a coincidence
fact. —Albert Einstein

If all men are the same, why make so long to choose?

- Why it's hard for a woman to find a sensitive man, yes
interested and be beautiful too?
- Because all these men are already chickens !!!

Don't be afraid of temptations. As you get older you start to avoid ...

After the act of love, the husband asks his wife:
- "Did you like my love?" And she:
- "It was like an Angelopoulos movie."
So he asks again:
- "You mean it's been a long time and I'm going for a gold palm?"
- "No, I mean I didn't understand anything ...

- My baby how much superiority are you? Did you bring me breakfast in bed? Come on
just sit next to me and give you a hug.
-you understand you've been in the hospital, right?

- But why don't you wake up the patient? It's been three hours since we finished the operation!
- We want to see how far his anesthesia will go ...

-Wear earring ??
-Since when
- Ever since my wife found it in the car ......

Marriage is the only war you sleep with the enemy!


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- George why are you walking like a jerk?
b ???? Incredibly, my pain hurts
b ???? Why what happened?
b ???? Where I was walking last night to forget about my separation with Ketula, I stumble upon an old lamp, a genie comes out and tells me 'Have a wish' ..
b ???? Come on!!! well, and what did you say to him?
-b ?????????????????????????????????
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Guy in chick after going home after an appointment:
- Have a drink?
- And you don't.
- Should I put whiskey?
- And you don't.
-To put two fingers in?
- Sit down to have a drink first.


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The 18 directory of the good Greek driver

1. The flashes signal your next move. The genuine Greek guide
never uses them.

2. In no case should you keep a safe distance from it
front-wheel drive vehicle, because in the vacuum you left, it can 'slip'
another vehicle, putting you in a difficult position.

3. The faster you pass a red lantern, the fewer you get
chances of colliding with another vehicle.

4. Never stop your vehicle on a "STOP" sign. The
vehicles following you will not wait for this reaction, with
result to be nailed 'on you.

5. Never block a road. His driver does not
nothing to lose.

6. Braking always has to be done at the last minute to
make sure the ABS is working properly, which in turn will
reward you with a relaxing massage on your foot. Non-holders
ABS, they will have a chance to stretch their legs.

7. Never go left when you can do it from
right. It is a chance to laugh as the driver of the vehicle who
as soon as you overtake it scares.

8. Speed ​​limits are arbitrary numbers given only as
proposal and obviously, they are not enforceable in Greece.

9. You are in the left lane in a crazy traffic jam and you are not
there is room to move not even a centimeter. The driver of the vehicle that
right behind you, who corners and blinks
Lights, he is convinced he can do better than you, though
was in your place.

10. Learn to change lanes with quick handling. Thank you
For the most part, the most roads are pistes with key holes in
key points to control your reflexes.

11. It's a tradition to corn once the green lantern is lit, yet
and if you're first in it.

12. Never make room in an opposing vehicle when on the move
opposite one way. His driver could use him
parallel one way, so to move on the same road as you,
rather he does it on purpose.

13. Remember that the purpose of the right Greek driver is to reach
first and he has to do what he needs to do.

14. There will always be a very good reason why you are in a hurry.
On the contrary, all the other vehicle drivers you will come across
on your way, they probably move unnecessarily.

15. The helmet is worn on the elbow. Protects the hand against any chance
fall to that side also protects in case
stuck between 2 cars or if you have a wall contact.

16. Seat belts are dangerous. Exclusive Greek
surveys have shown that thousands of crash tests are wrong. They are
you mean, you're going to wear a belt.

17. Regardless of asthma, your vehicle stereo should
plays in the full. In this way you entertain the pedestrians who
waiting for someone to give them priority to cross

18. Pedestrians are the main enemies of drivers because
they take up space on the sidewalks so they can't
park cars and cross the streets forcing them
passing vehicles to slow down.


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- Will you give me your baby girl?
- You'll get my archives
- Old on a tranquil entrance, but always ...

-How old are you?
- As far as I can see ..
-Why did you bury a baby in Amphipolis?

- come on, boss I apologize for being late, but I couldn't find the parking lot.
- why do you have a ferry?
-it's our hand in dreams now ..

I go into the oven and say how much does the croissant have? 4 and 20 tells me. not her
I'm saying you're wrong. 5 and half are. tell me how much croissant it has

Driving drunk is like having sex without a condom.
You're ******* but what else is to blame?

And the fireball asked God:
- The light to put it on?

Think now of being with Marinakis and trying to be with him
explanations, why not every year the Nobel Prize-winning author himself.

He's a guy here next to me and he holds the cellphone in his ear for half an hour
without talking ...
He logically quarreled with his wife ...


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26 Jan 2013
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How many masochists need to change a lamp?
One to change it and the other to turn the switch just at that moment.
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- She's married and Clooney, only you don't marry a jerk
- Yes but he got married on his 53
- I don't care what others do

If Google had a little humor, every time you pressed it
"I feel lucky", the Honorable One would close your eyes.

- Which player is he?
- Thebes
-Is there also Ica?

The other on 16 asks if she's pregnant from behind. Here you do not know that
your ass and your pussy are not transport containers, do you want sex?

Those who work on Facebook work all day or all day
on Facebook;

-Why sir did you use rural subsidies to
buy 30 meter boat?
- To plow the seas.

Someone to explain to us responsibly why the neighborhood dog always
has the loudest sound system of all.

- My love I lost 3 pounds, did you understand?
- Do you see that mountain?
- Yes ...
- If I get 3 soil shovels, you will understand the difference ???

i would be an anarchist too but my dad has no money

- Where do you want the ice cream?
-And in cans and bowls
-I don't understand french kiss ..

The awkward moment you sing in the bathroom escapes a "YOURS"
and someone goes on from the luminaire !!!


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-Your girlfriend, how do they call her?
-It has a chasing chick.
- Is it Indian?

- The first time you bike in the gym, huh?
-How did you understand it;
-Of the helmet.
-Some tattoos, what are penguins?
- No swallows, but I got a few pounds from last year.

- What are you spitting on Hannibal?
- He had a poodle mind

-And what do you do;
-I am a civil engineer.
-Wow !!! and how do you catch on to the House and the workshop?


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