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Make love, not war.
Now if you like both
..... get married !!

Niko .. I can't believe you are a xenophobic ...
no my baby Greeks only ...

- tell me you are wet?
- tell the girl to come in not to get wet.
-you just stop crying.

I can't understand why you hold the LIDL ... I am half a kilo
slice of buckwheat all over the house ....

I am not allowed to participate in an orgasm because I eat their grapes.

Do you sex machines ever change oils and filters?

And the other one asks the nightgown at Sygrou: "Now you
do you work or scratch your orchids?

The other wants 50 euros per hour for highly Spanish ... and now
i think i didn't explain it well and she thought i wanted this with me
the boobs ....


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-The other piercing is doing it right and has a belly like Mr. Thanassis with it
Forget about my girlfriend, put on a towbar better

I wonder why besides the gay bars there are no gay restaurants ....
.... go, eat like ******* ...

I'm -3 kilos from the holidays ....
I expected to put 10, and put 7.

The 3 pigs come and say "save us, the wolf is hunting for us".
I tell them quickly, bite these apples and go into the oven.

13 french fries on a fork.
They also applauded me from the opposite tavern

The other guy threw the dumpling with a handful of almonds, and we have to have
degree from French Chef! My gourmets inside!

We, the thick ones, never use the designation "delicious" for
a chick, don't think she wants to eat it

Dialogue at a tavern in Metsovo:
- what do you have from seafood?
- Salt!

Did you know that there are people who only eat when they are hungry?
I am shocked..!!

I climbed the scales out of curiosity and descended from sorrows .......

I have a friend who laughs before the joke ends. It's suburban!

In a parallel universe the crocodiles wore polo shirts with a string

I threw a banana peel here and one in China ... The
butterfly effect ...

What do you mean by drinking a beer? Don't even eat a meatball.

Dumb superhero: Obamana-Man.


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With a salary like a pocket money, we'll call the boss father in a while ...

She: You wake the whale inside me.
He: Well, they didn't sleep so heavy.

Tram stop a car ....
He says in style to the driver as he begins to write:
- Broken flash in front .... Broken flash in front ... Exhaust holes ... I see you
so far, I'm back to the 250 Euro ....
- I'm not interested in the money ... Just tell me when it's ready !!!

2 blondes:
- Well, my brother tomorrow is going to be three days old
- Come on, seriously? For how many days;
- I don't know, he didn't tell me.


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- Adam, I'll give you a bunch of fire!
- What do you play boss?
- Offie-Milan!
- Sit down to ask Eva ...

- Eve, I love you.
- Adam too. And whatever happens, you know, I'll always be the side
you ...

- Re Mitchou! Leave the flame when we have sex! Amarton!
- I can not..
I'm a fiery lover ..

-I'm bored with spaghetti. It's very monotonous.
-Why don't you get colored and with lamps?
-You are right! Acacias! Spaghetti to be disco!

- Did I do something that bothered you;
- Okay.

- A girl likes you but I don't tell you which.
- Say Canon Element.

- I think I'll faint.
- Can I get you some orange juice?
- Yes, and two skewers!

Every time you don't eat steak and eat mushrooms because you're a vegeterians,
leave homeless 5 smurfs ..... STUNNING ... !!!!!!!

When I get bored I go to the Traffic Police and I give them my cellphone and say yes
switch off calls ...


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- We divide my baby horn! Take your clothes, your stuff and this swab.
- The swab is not mine ...
- I don't want anything that reminds you.

- George, I really want to get you some tea
- You are welcome;
- A baby chick, to chick you, how do they say it?
- Are you alright Maraki? What do you think; Do you mean tweezers?
- Of course, baby! That's what I want, that's ...
- And why doesn't my horn say so?
- My George, my sexologist told me to talk without talking

: sign:


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17 Nov 2012
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..I came out yesterday with a kitten from work, very drum .. !!
???? Lie liar ..
???? I'm talking to you seriously ..
Come on cut the shit up I said ..
Really I'm telling you ... why don't you believe me?
???? You really haven't got a job ?? !!


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Yes hello two candles i would like.
- Your Christ and your Lady ...

Takis' parents enter his room when he is missing
home and see on his bed a sadomasochistic magazine.
After 5 minutes of silence, Takis' father tells his wife:
-I tell him not to show him ..

-My son, I brought you to this tolerance house for a certain reason.
- To fuck you dad ... I know.
-No find a whip son ... don't hurry !!!

The micro spits water on the floor.
My wife: "No, bad! We don't spit it out, we spoil it!"
I look at her.
He's looking at me.
Chatting is changing ..

Communist marriage proposal:
-Will we be single?

- Dad, why did you marry Mom?
- Are you also my boyfriend?

"Open the door to talk to you about the Savior Jesus Christ otherwise
we'll tell your wife that you're hugging her with your piggy bank. "
-These are Jehovah's Witnesses

Woman. The creature wearing a short skirt outside with 5 degrees and a house
with 23 puts on pajamas socks and a blanket on the back why
it cools.

- You have to stop drinking if you don't want to destroy your liver.
- You doctor, all the same as when your turn comes to you ...

We do not have the problems of others, we have our own ...

I do not see cooking in Menegaki again.
I could finish by implying


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26 Jan 2013
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The public prosecutor in the court of a small provincial city calls his first witness, a grandmother around 80, and asks in a completely professional manner:
???? - Do you know me, God ----?
???? And of course I know you, Mr. Al ---, the old woman replies.
I know you from a young age and I must admit that you have disappointed me.
You lie, you constantly cheat on your wife, you gossip.
Of course I know you!
The lawyer is completely abhorred by the unexpected reply of the candy and not knowing what else to say, shows with his finger on the other side of the room and says:
- ???? Do you know the defense lawyer?
- ???? Oh yeah, and I know Mr. Seoul, the witness is back.
I was holding him when he was a baby and I can say that he too has disappointed me.
He is a drunkard and a casino gambler, he can deal with anyone and is one of the worst lawyers in our city!
At this point, the president beats his hammer at the headquarters, interrupts the proceedings and invites both lawyers to approach the headquarters.
As they approach, he leans forward and says to them in a quiet voice:
- ???? Whoever of the two of you asks her if she knows me, painted it!
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