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According to the measures announced on Friday afternoon, from today, January 30, the OPAP agencies will operate throughout the Territory (except the areas of increased risk) and with a pre-arranged appointment..

More specifically the measures in force:
  • Distance 1,5 meters between people.
  • Maintaining a distance of 2 meters between customers during the waiting time at the checkout.
  • Mandatory use of protective mask for staff and customers.
  • Obligation of companies to post in paper form or digitally the maximum number of customers allowed to be inside the store.
  • A pre-arranged appointment is required for OPAP PLAY.
  • Antiseptic preparations 70% alcohol, in order to be applied by staff and customers before, during and after touching money or frequently touched surfaces.
  • The development of table seats is prohibited.
  • Disinfection of store surfaces during customer rotation and frequent cleaning of counters.
  • Opening hours (optional) from 7.00 am to 8.00 pm
  • Proportion of population per square meter of area mainly space - dividers etc (excluding ancillary eg offices, warehouse)
  • Maximum allowed number of customers inside the premises: One (1) customer per 25 sq.m. surface of mainly space.
  • Placement of transparent or non-transparent curtains, between the positions of the players in the slot machines.
  • The customer population is uniform, regardless of floor levels and does not include employees.


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