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The Board of Directors OPAP and Damian Cope have jointly launched the succession planning process.

Ο OPAP announces today, Wednesday, that Damian Cope, CEO and member of the Board of Directors, informed the Board of Directors of his intention to leave the company at the end of May, when his four-year contract with the company expires.

Succession Procedure of the Managing Director

The Board of Directors OPAP and Damian Cope have jointly initiated the succession planning process, to find internal and external candidates for the permanent position of CEO. The Board of Directors has instructed a leading international staff selection company to assist in this process and OPAP will be expected to update in the near future. In the event that the new CEO does not start by the end of May, when Damian Cope's contract expires, Jan Karas, the company's Chief Commercial Officer, will be appointed Acting CEO, with the support of Kamil Ziegler, Chief Executive Officer. Of his Council OPAP.

Kamil Ziegler led its successful reorganization OPAP, as the CEO of the company during the period 2013-2016, immediately after the privatization of 33% held by the Greek State. Jan Karas has been in various roles since 2014 OPAP, having successfully completed the development and transformation of the retail network and other projects, which have contributed to the significant growth of its revenues OPAP. The Board of Directors is convinced that Mr. Ziegler and Mr. Karas will lead the company successfully in the current difficult environment and their experience is essential to minimizing the impact of the current COVID-19 crisis. Its Board of Directors OPAP and all members of the company's senior management will fully support the two executives in this process.

Damian Cope

From June 1, 2020, Damian Cope will continue to support the company as an advisor to the Board of Directors and, in addition, will work with Sazka Group for further international development opportunities.

Commenting on his decision, Damian Cope, his CEO OPAP He said: "I am extremely proud of the progress made by his team OPAP the last four years. Vision 2020 has contributed to the promotion of the transformation of this great Greek organization into a truly global gaming and entertainment company. This achievement is the direct result of the passion and enormous teamwork of all members of his expanded Team. OPAP - employees, agents and many other loyal associates. As a result, we have recorded significant returns for our shareholders, while during the same period we have made significant contributions to the Greek state. I am very pleased with my term in office OPAP and despite the significant effects of the current COVID-19 crisis, I am confident that the foundations have been laid for OPAP to responsibly create further value in the future for all its partners. From June I will continue to support its development OPAP, no longer from Greece, but as an Adviser to the Board of Directors based in the United Kingdom, where my family is located ".

During his tenure as CEO, Mr. Damian Cope started successfully and implemented Vision 2020 with the ambition to establish OPAP as a global entertainment and gaming company. This comprehensive transformation program, which is based on 8 strategic priorities, has had significant achievements, among others:
-The successful implementation of the installation project 25.000 VLTs - one of the largest networks of its kind in the world
-The € 100 million technological modernization program, which involved the installation of more than 60.000 different devices
-The significant expansion of the product portfolio (Virtual Sports, automatic betting services - SSBTs and online)
-The introduction of integrated compliance and Gaming Policy
-The creation of a strong management team that performs well and has an international footprint
-The discrimination between the top 10 companies in Greece by the Best Workplaces institution for many years

Mr. Kamil Ziegler, Executive Chairman OPAP, he commented: "I highly appreciate Damian's work and contribution to the development of our company's activities, as well as his effective cooperation with the Board of Directors throughout his term. Damian's early announcement of his intention to relocate to be with his family allowed the Board of Directors to prepare the succession plan ahead of time. "

source: insider.gr


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