Why in Greece only the OPAP lobby legislates?


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12 Dec 2012

The governments they change. The But legislators continue to serve, in the first place, his interests - private for many years - OPAP.

The 'Friendly pressures' of the OPAP administration to them publishers and directors of newspapers and websites, The "Happy meeting" with politicians of all factions, the "creative, mutually beneficial»Working with them TV station owners, finally yields fruit.

The few independent voices shouting at her αλήθεια, they just get lost under the pressures and sounds of the celebration.

Η Greek Parliament legislates on a first-come, first-served basis OPAP.

A typical example, o Law on Permanent Gambling Licenses Online to be voted on by the House in the coming days.

The government has budgeted one a serious amount of revenue for the state budget from the "market opening" of online gambling.

No one can disagree with this intention.

The draft law that has been submitted to Parliament, but it does not open the market. Just trying to restores legality to -today outlawed- OPAP online games.


For a month, since 11 Σεπτεμβρίου, purified n decision of the Council of State with number 1333/2019.

From 11 September 2019, o OPAP operates illegally. Without permission.

Ο Regulation of OPAP has been canceled by decision of the Council of State as of course its decision was annulled Committee for the Supervision and Control of Toys (EEEP) ..

However Gaming Supervision and Control Committee (EEPEP) does not react. Theoretically, if judged the operation of OPAP is illegal, the company should get blacklisted and stop offering online games. But if he did OPAP in the "black list", you will were excluded for a year. Couldn't get a permit for a year.

The law passed in the House solves the problem: Him OPAP not legality.

If the law is finally passed, Mr OPAP will be able to receive transitional period leave and continue to operate legally.

Later - there is no rush - when the new Regulation is ready, OPAP will be able to apply for a permanent permit.

In addition the new legislation solves another major problem: By OPAP not the legality. It transfers tax liabilities from the company to the agents. With fast and concise procedures ..

The interest of the State, for OPAP, it doesn't stop there.

The combination high tax and high cost to obtain a license, aims to creating an oligopolistic market, which will concern very few, very specific, theoretically 'big' companies. As OPAP's administration and major shareholders want.

The really big problem, its her "Black" illegal gambling market, will continue to exist…. And it will increase.

The data

The total amount of money played on the Internet is 9 billion euro and the total GGR (gross profit of companies) is calculated by 7% until 9%, that is, close to 600 million.

Of these, the 2018 390 millions were officially declared and something is being grossed out. Of these, approximately 150 million constitute income from the game tax for the Greek state.

A bad law may diminishes the legal market and increase the illegal. Companies to use vpn technologies they will deliver great returns (larger than legally taxed companies) and of course gain market shares.

A small market for a few players, in addition to losing revenue for it Public, brings less revenue overall in the market, in associations and in advertising.
  • A striking example of the - just the opposite - reality we have in Europe's most developed market, the United Kingdom. There the biggest market share for a company does not exceed 14%.
If that were the case in Greece, they would work more markets, more companies, more benefits to complementary industries and more revenue to the state.

The Greek reality

But OPAP does not want a big competitive market.

He prefers one controlled field with 3-4 competitors, so that it can "talk". But that's not how competition works, and of course players will resort to the illegal -but more effective- on-line betting.

But the question is not what OPAP wants. The question is what the government wants, Greek State, Greek society and finally legislate its bills…

Source: https://banks.com.gr/giati-stin-ellada-nomothetei-mono-lompi-tou-opap/?utm_source=1&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=NEWSLETTER_18-10-2019&utm_content=title
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7 Feb 2012
From the beginning I used to say corruption and complicity.

But they are also things in the right direction. Let's see the final text, of course.

Some of the information in the article is not accurate. For example this list of annual casino license fees I just got from the UKGC page.


And one general observation:

He says the spot is "at risk of addiction and loss of property". The money, the state's gambling revenue, comes from the players. The more taxes, the more addiction and loss of property. Isn't it a problem for the state to cause addiction and loss of property with the huge extra tax?


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30 IOL 2010
They're lobbying, that's right.
The question is "why not the other lobbies?" and resolved as follows?

Firstly because OPAP has the ground without an opponent and many maneuvers consequently.
Secondly the internet to the extent that it could make its presence stronger does not succeed. It does not offer the so-called complex games but also lags behind in advertising. There is not a magnet online game like the OPAP joker that makes lucky ones.

If someone gets an online license, or if they get 5-10 licenses, what do they have to offer?
Some more funny site to have a say?
The betting sites are two: Bet365 and stoiximan and beyond that the difference can only be made by
betfair, however, is strictly forbidden by bats.
And while betfair was still under negotiation, 2010-11, we saw its lobby. That was the most deplorable. It was also the famous English law firm RGA, which is now naturally entangled in Brexit's cogs and is currently rolling.

So which internet companies lobby?
They would only open the market if they let a Greek betfair be made and made in Europe.
Except OPAP does not want this, it would require changes to the legislation of the other EU member states - of course, because they too have banned the exchanges!

I do not see us well, because we ourselves are players and we are sitting and looking at them.
We do not have our own, poor even lobster - we do not want it!
One day we'll wake up to the April 21 "pencil-bulletin-agency" tanks.
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