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19 Feb 2009
At Forest's request, I will try to briefly explain to you baseball.

First there are two groups. One is defending with 9 players and the other is attacking with 1 and maybe more.
In the defending team there is a player called pitcherwho throws the ball towards the player attacking the bat (batter). Behind him and in a low, almost seated position, he is catcherwho the pitcher is working with on what kind of throw he will do and who catches the ball if the batter fails or if the batter makes no effort to hit it.

There are 4 bases. To homeplate(where the batter starts his quest), first base, second base and third base. Each base is guarded by a defender who is also called by the base name. That is, the one who guards the first base is called firstbaseman, the one guarding the second base is called secondbasemanand the one who guards the third base is called thirdbaseman. There is also a defender that moves between second and third base called shortstop. All of them are in the so-called "infield”. Also on the home, first, & third bases are the “umpires"(Referees) who see the phases closely and say if they are someone"safe"Or"out”. There are also two assistant coaches at first & third base called first base coach & third base coach respectively and are with the attacking team. Their job is to instruct the batters who reach the bases. Once they reach the bases they are now saying “r".

Beyond these is the "outfield"That is the part of the court that is behind the bases to the outer walls of the stadium. There are 3 defenders called "outfielders". The one on the left is called "left fielder", The one in the center is called"center fielder"And the one on the right is called"right fielder".

I now return to the attack after referring to the defending team.

We said that the one with the bat, the "batter", is aiming to reach the first base or the next until he reaches the "home" where he started to measure a point in favor of his team. If he reaches even the first base, the next batters try to reach the base as well to promote their other teammate (the others) already at base and bring him closer to home to score and score points. "runIn favor of their team.

Hope I didn't confuse you because there are more!

Each team changes from attack to defense after three "outs"By the aggressors. The time it takes to attack and defend both teams is called "inning”. The inning has no set time and can be relatively short if the batters get out fast or it can take longer depending on whether the batters go up to the 3 outs.

There are 9 innings in a baseball game. If it's a tie after the 9 innings then they go to “
extra inningsUntil the winner comes out.

Now I will try to explain to you how outs are done. They can be done in a variety of ways.

The pitcher throws the batter and if he tries to hit the ball but does not touch it it is said “strike”. It is also called a strike if he does not attempt to hit the ball but is caught by the catcher in “strike zone”. The strike zone is an imaginary space from the catcher's mouth to his belly, and slightly to his left and right. That is an imaginary square. The home plate umpire tells whether the pitch is in or out of the strike zone. If it's outside it says "ball”. In the 4 ball the batter goes up to the first base and does not hit the ball. The 3 strike goes out and leaves the attack until all his teammates are attacked and his turn comes again. Strike also happens if the batter hits the ball but it goes beyond the boundaries of the field. This is called "foul”. The fouls count for a strike but can't get out of batter, that is to say the strike 3, unless done in the way I mentioned above and tries to hit her but doesn't make contact or try to hit her and she goes to strike zone. But if the batter hits it and a defender catches the ball before it hits the ground then the batter automatically goes out.

When the ball hits the batter automatically starts running towards the first base. If the ground hits within the lines of the pitch then the defenders try to throw it to the base before the batter arrives. If the ball arrives and the defender hits the base before the batter arrives then he is out. If the batter arrives first, then it's "safe"And stays at the base until some teammate moves him forward. But if someone knocks the ball out of the court within the limits then it is called "home run"And he spins all the bases and scores those players already on the bases as well as himself.

The pitchers are very important to their team. The one that starts is called “starting pitcher"And if it goes well the game itself can end. But if he starts and loses control of the game, leaves batters on the bases, or gets tired then manager(the main coach of the team) has the right to replace him with someone else who says "relief pitcher”To save the game. But often relief pitchers are not doing well and may be the reason for losing the game.

This is where the betting gets tricky because you can bet on a team because a good pitcher starts but when the coach changes, the coach can often lose to the relief pitcher. But the relief pitcher can also save the game (something called "save"). That is to say…

I hope I helped you understand how baseball is played. It would be good if you could watch a match to see them in practice. It would also be nice to see a stadium to get a picture of the area. If anyone has any questions let me know and I'll be happy to answer.

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Here is a picture to get an idea of ​​the positions I mentioned in my description in a previous post.

Here a view from a stadium:

Here Wrigley Field. Chicago Cubs Stadium.
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22 Dec 2005
Mastic are you from? (Due to nickname)
I often see the phenomenon of announcing starter Pitcher as a "strong" or a "mess" and losing a bet because in the early innings they are changing him! shouldn't bets be returned ?? OPAP specially states in its regulation that in the event of a change of pitcher it may void the bet, however in practice if you lose it it loses!


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Most companies that I remember, when I threw some beats that somebody was telling me, are giving a performance based on certain pizzerias and if the teams didn't start that way then they cancel the beats or change odds. That's why most people think when they announce the starting pitcher of the OxnumX teams.

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