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Thessaloniki in heart, Alimos on paper ....
I welcome all the company!

A few hours ago I returned from an excursion that I had gone to the sphere that passed to us in mountainous Arcadia and specifically to the historical village of Dimitsana!

On Friday afternoon and after a mad rain in Athens I left with my wife for that particular village. My son let him go to my parents so we can sleep a little!: twis:

The place we stayed at was a fantastic hotel named '' Methexis '' which is at the end of the village and consists of only six rooms which are one and one !!

From food on Friday we went and ate at a village tavern named "Tholos" that was very advertised but eventually did not satisfy us!

Saturday morning, breakfast at the hotel overlooking Mount Mayalon and then coffee in the "Three Things" café, a beautifully decorated cafe in the center of Dimitsana where you really relax away from the routine of everyday life.

Then, after the coffee, we visited the hydroelectric museum. A truly interesting museum that deserved our visit and time!

The museum's water, however, opened the appetite and we went to a tavern in the village "Panagia" under the name "Zerzova". This or the tavern was all the money !!!! I highly recommend it!

After eating back to the hotel where the garlic from the tzatziki did the job to my husband ... he had ... he fell dry to sleep so I can enjoy my team match!

The game ended in seven, the team won, I saw heels (Laurence), scissors (Salpi) and I thought I saw front div! !!!! ... At the same time, the wife woke up (neither a hypnotic I had given her We were prepared for a walk in the village and then for a drink with live music at the Three Three Lolons, which was full of chopsticks!

We drank our wines by listening to quality music (Hatzinasio, Spanos, theodorakis, Hatzidakis) forgetting for a while all our problems ....

On Sunday morning, breakfast in the room and then excursion to the villages of Stemnitsa and Vytina. Coffee for the street, and buying some traditional products such as honey and oregano and then returning to Athens.

Last stop in the village of Levidi, where we bought food for the house from the famous tavern of '' Koumbouri '' (souvlaki and kebab, light things: twis:) as well as two loaves of genuine bread from a wood oven that we had recommended.

Early in the afternoon we arrive in Athens and the hug of our son closes us in the most beautiful way our "getaway" ......: bb:


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2 Oct 2012

Hello Nicola giant with your trip and your bumpy ...
Everything so big ...: bravo:
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17 Nov 2012

My good friend, I'm jealous, you went to my village, and I have a home there I have not been forced to go
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