Two investment schemes candidates for Elliniko casino


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Today, Friday, 4 October 2019, and 11 Time: 00 (Greek Time, GMT + 2), the Bidding Process has been completed as part of the International Bidding for a Business Licensing License activities in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Elliniko - Agios Kosmas, under the number 1 / 2019 Declaration

It is announced that two (2) investment schemes have submitted bids within the framework of the above Competition within the deadline, namely, in alphabetical order:

  • MGE Hellinicon BV - Mohegan Gaming Advisors LLC - GEK TERNA SA

Mr. Evangelos Karagrigoriou, the Chairman of the Committee for the Supervision and Control of Games (EEPC), stated:

"Today is a milestone for the realization of the Hellenic flagship investment, and in particular for the realization of an internationally renowned tourist and leisure destination, with multiple benefits for the Greek economy, as this Integrated Tourist and Casino Complex is expected to be, the specifications we have set in the Contest.
After the bids were submitted by the two contestants, a major milestone was completed in the course of the successful evolution of the Hellenic Casino License Competition.
Greece, following today's process, proves in the most emphatic way that it can attract large foreign direct investment and win the growth bet for everyone. "
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