EYP - what does this organization do?


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30 IOL 2010
I have never understood what this ... independent authority serves.
Legitimate sites are the job of the Ministry of Finance to authorize them - in line with the prevailing perception of the European Union to have free competition but to issue national licenses for betting sites.
Illegal is the job of the police morals and clubs, to issue the "black list" and to track them down.
Why do we need "EYE"?
For day appointments?

Beyond that, the EYPC constantly creates problems for ordinary betting players.
It has blacklisted informational-sports pages that aren't even betting!
It has blacklisted useful sportsbook pages by foreign betting companies that do not accept customers from Greece to justify their inclusion on the blacklist.

In all complaints of arbitrariness / unlawful acts by OPAP and other bookmakers deaf, although its licensing and compliance department is supposed to investigate such complaints.

The informal excuse put forward by EYEP supporters is "do you good after playing gambling" - which is, of course, legal gambling and nothing else (ie OPAP - stoiximan - others licensed).

Where will this situation go?
They are worse than the junta police, because the junta police used to maim the world but also catch thieves.

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