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12 Oct 2012
Good evening George.

Check today if it makes you into Cadiz - Miranda over 2.50 at Sportingbet.

Cadiz 3/4 over and inside
4/4 over
with Cadiz having (say) absences in defense.

OK, it's not ours, but if you like it or your audience, I can't stop you from playing it ...
: eye:

Now I will play it in this performance which is .. because it went so well we will see it along the way.
Normally it had to be much lower.
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11 Mar 2016
If get your eye on something else. Do you good: sign:
I used to have it with over and g / g.
Now I have left the sport.
I have the underdogs and they bother me, so where's the goal time ...

But whenever I find something I like, I'll write it to you.

This struck me here as I was averaging 1.90 on the statistics and until the start the market insisted it was under.
Obviously we want luck. The difference between a 3-3 and a 0-0 is not that great ...

Thanks for the chocolate, now!

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12 Oct 2012
Can you please help us with explaining how you play?

Thanks in advance!!!
Callispera kiss.
It is a matter of analyzing the statistics of each match. I hope you understand what I mean.
Of course it takes a lot of reading and to explain exactly the whole process is a bit complicated.


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