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We have collected and presented below the most frequently asked questions of the players, while explaining what is actually true:

How do you ensure the integrity and credibility of the draw? How are draws controlled?

In order to ensure the credibility and integrity of the draws, OPAP carries out a series of procedures defined by the law of the game:

1. The prize draws take place in the presence of an Independent Commission of Drawings (EC) consisting of members appointed by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, which certify that all the necessary procedures have been followed (a. Final approval by the Audit Committee, the trial lottery procedure) for the fairness of the draw.

2. Before the process of each draw is started, checks are carried out on the drawings and beads by the Drawing Committee of the Ministry of Culture and Sports. In particular, test draws are made for the control of the grains and the EC is randomly selected from one of three available bead rows. The beads are weighed in a precision balance so that each draw is certified that the deviations from the weight specified by the manufacturer in no case exceed 0,4 grams.

3. Precision scales, mechanical grains and beads are certified by internationally certified manufacturers. Twice a year calibration is carried out for the correct operation of precision scales.

4. The process of checking the draws and beads, as well as live draws, can be watched by anyone who is interested.

5. The transmission of the draws is made live by a pan-Greek television channel, thus ensuring the fairness of the process.

What happens in the 30 minutes from the moment the 21: 30 ticket is closed until the start of the draw (about 22: 00)?

The X-YOXX 21 until the start of the draw (30: 22) is the minimum time required to comply with all procedures provided by the law to ensure fairness of the process.

Specifically, upon the completion of the deposit of 21: 30 coupons, the electronic file containing all participations is locked by a lock. Immediately after the file is sent electronically to the Independent Draw Control Committee of the Ministry of Culture and all entries are uploaded to the independent Commission system, which certifies the validity of the file.

Only after the data is secured, the Audit Committee gives the final OK for the start of the draw. The Audit Committee is made up of members designated by the Ministry of Culture and Sports and its main task is to check and certify that all the procedures necessary to secure the tickets before the start of the draw have been followed.

Why do we never learn the names of JOKER's great winners?

The anonymity of each Joker winner is protected by the Greek Data Protection Authority, which does not allow the disclosure of anything concerning the big winner without the person having given his / her consent.

OPAP respects the right of players not to disclose their personal information, and for this reason can not share publicly anything that may lead to the identification of the big winner. However, the lucky agency, the cost and the way of participating in the voucher are communicated in a Press Release, which is also posted on Also, the agencies in which the lucky cards have been played poster posters with the message "Here, the lucky winning ticket was found to win the € XXX amount".

In general, the institutional framework for personal data protection varies between countries. There are countries in which the winners can be disclosed without their consent. In these countries, the big cash prize is not paid in one lump sum, but in installments throughout the lifetime of the big winner. This is also a form of protection for the winner, since his name is revealed to the general public.

Is it true that JACKPOT is growing big celebrations (eg Christmas)? Are more JACKPOTs today than the past?

The results of the game are random and each combination of 5 + 1 has the same chances of appearing in the draw. Each time a draw is made and no lucky winning card is provided that has predicted the 5 + 1 combination then we have JOBOT and the amount distributed for the 1 category of this draw is transferred to the next draw.

Whether or not JACKPOT is a random event that can not be predicted. Each draw is independent of the previous one.

The legend that Joker raises his "JACKPOT" during Christmas celebrations has its roots in the history of the game: JOKER used to increase the amount distributed during the Christmas season up to 2012. This increase was due to the fact that part of the unsecured profits of the year was attributed as a promotional energy through Joker.

This was because, up to 2012, OPAP was obliged according to the PD. 7 / 97, to reimburse the totals of the winning tickets, which were not collected by the players.

These unspent amounts were awarded after the end of each financial year to the next, either in the form of promotions (eg gifts) or in addition to subsidies for selected draws, such as Christmas and New Year. From 01 / 01 / 2013, according to Government Gazette, the unpaid amounts are paid by OPAP SA to the state.

Due to the above promotional action, the crowd saw the game rise sharply to Christmas in very high amounts that were interpreted as "big JACKPOT at the festivities." In essence, however, the reason was the promotion.

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