The betting policy of the new government


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30 IOL 2010
The undisputed-unstable-aaaa worst government of unrepeatable clowns of history has definitely belonged to the past.
The betting policy of the new government now what will it be?

I am very afraid of one of (c) same.
This is because there is no betting people.
Larger giantzibiouras than the betting people of Greece should not exist.

It is also something that is justified under certain circumstances.
At 21 April, who had the mogia to open the window of his house and shout "democracy - down the junta"?
No one, and so the subsequent Free Time-Free Press publications had taken us to the bottom and wrote, and they still wrote "Whether you are a madman, all of you want the revolution to shout."
But if we did, we would have had a spade of wood if we did it, at Bouboulina Street (which I mistakenly said in passing that they took it from there because it controlled the Exarchia).
But here is what is playing now?
You see grandparents and take their money through the trousers and say "aaaa-cooo".
It has not happened again.
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1 Apr 2010
Where did you see to respect customers in Greece? Why is betting an exception?

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