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Article 28 RULES OF PROCEDURE > 28.1 a. b. c.






Article 34 RECORD KEEPING > 34.1. a. b. c. d.


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Government Gazette ISSUE TWO 05 August 2020 No. Sheet 3265


No. 79835 EX 2020

Establishment of a Games Regulation for the Organization of
and Gambling Online.


Taking into consideration:
etc etc etc
( at the end of Article 35 , # 35)

we decide:
1. We adopt the Gaming Regulations for the
Conducting and Conducting Gambling through Internet
network, as follows:





Article 1

For the purposes of this Decision, the following
phrases or phrases have the following meaning:

Internet Gambling License
or License is the administrative license issued by
Ε.Ε.Ε.Π. for Organizing / Conducting Games.
Only two types of licenses are provided:
a) Type 1 License for conducting Online Betting
b) Type 2 License for the Conduct of Other Internet

Eligibility License (CA)
is the act of approval
of the Fitness of a person according to
relevant provisions of the Gaming Regulations

Excluded Player is the Player who can not

may participate in Gambling, upon his own

on the initiative or request of his court

to the persons organizing and / or

conduct these Games or a court decision or

reasoned decision of the Licensee.

Notification is the written information of Ε.Ε.Ε.Π.
for the Licensee's intention to change
data, in accordance with the Regulation. The change that
notified, may take place after
ten (10) working days from the date of
the date of the Notification and if the E.E.E.P., means
in the above period, do not ask for more
evidence or does not express the opposite view.

Online Betting or Betting according to

case c) of article 25 of the law
, is the Lucky

A game that is played on the internet and is recommended

in anticipation by the Players of the development and / or

final outcome of any kind of events, including

including virtual events,

the result of which is extracted by the use of

Random Number Generator.

Conduct is the conduct of a game of the case-

Article 25 of the law. Where in the provisions

of this Decision provides for its meaning

Conduct also means the concept of Organization and

vice versa.

Organization is the organization of a game of approx.
r of Article 25 of the law. Where in its provisions
This Decision provides for the concept of
the concept of Conduct and
in turn.

HELLENIC REPUBLIC or Authority is the Supervisory and Control Committee

Special Space (studio) is a place located
within the EU or of the EEA, to which person who
holds a relevant license issued by a competent
EU official or the EEA, installs equipment
and infrastructure for conducting Other Online Games
conducted with a live dealer,
the result of which is not extracted from a generator
Random Number Generator.

Intermediate Control System is the computer system
system that ensures integrity, authenticity
and continuous availability of the data collected
and has a Data Collection System (Data
Capture), Data Security System
as well as a Safe Storage Device (Safe).
Electronic Player Account (EBA) is the
account of case o of article 25 of the law.

Website is a website through which

Licensee conducts Gambling, belongs to

Licensee and must have a domain name

(domain name) ending in .gr.

Regulation is this decision.
Anti-Money Laundering Regulation
is the decision of Ε.Ε.Ε.Π. entitled ‘Regulation implementing
measures to combat money laundering
revenue from criminal activities and
financing of terrorism by the Obliged
Persons in the Gambling Services Market ",
as always.

Appropriateness is the finding by the Ε.Ε.Ε.Π.
or the Licensee and the qualifications
positions of AK and / or Certificate of Fitness
in accordance with the provisions of the Gaming Regulations about
Fitness Fitness.

Manufacturer is the person who manufactures
(indicative studies, designs, assembles, manufactures
, plans TMKY) and in every way has
to Licensee of any Technical Means and Materials
and has received for this purpose a Fitness License from
the Ε.Ε.Ε.Π., as well as the person who holds a license
Special Area.

Licensee or Holder is the legal entity
which provides Organization and Conduct services
Gambling and to which a License has been granted
conducting Gambling via the Internet,
in accordance with the provisions of law and regulation.
Both Holders can be granted both types

Central Information System (CIS) is the whole

the necessary hardware and software for the organization,

operation, conduct, monitoring,

recording, control and management in a central

level of Gambling by the Licensee.

Critical Functions (Key Functions) are operating

tasks / tasks related to the organization, the

supervision and control of specifics

sectors and / or functional areas of the conduct

of Games and are performed by those responsible or

their alternates in charge, in accordance with

provisions of the Rules of Suitability

of Persons.

Game Cycle is a complete

sequences of events of a Game, its result

which is extracted using a random number generator

(Random Number Generator), which starts with

Participation and lasts until the transfer or loss

of the credit units of this sequence.

Jackpot function is any constant or progressive

increasing value or combination of those awarded

to the Players, which is regulated by the

Citizen of the Games or Licensee, at level

Gaming either at the Gaming interface level or at

system level or in any combination of cm

of the above.

Other Online Games, as the case may be

of the article 25 of the law, are the games of chance

casino, poker and its variants, provided

online and live or live

live or using a random number generator

(Random Number Generator).

Register is the set of data held by
Ε.Ε.Ε.Π. and posts on its website.

Gross profit (Gross Gaming Revenue, GGR) They are

gross income of the Licensee in accordance with

provision of case l) of article 25 of the law.

Game Guide or Guide is the information material

posted on the Website by the Licensee at

Greek language and includes, per Game or group-

of Games, all the necessary information for

Player Involvement, terms and conditions

Of the Games, the odds / distribution table

where there is other relevant information.

Instructions are the circular instructions of Ε.Ε.Ε.Π. about
by applying the provisions of the Gambling Regulations
ων. The Directives are binding in their context
relations of the Authority with the governed.

Certification Organization is a certification body
operating in a specialized laboratory (Test
Lab) and has been recognized by Ε.Ε.Ε.Π. according
with the Gaming Regulations on Eligibility
accredited body or certification body
in accordance with applicable European and / or international
by the public limited company National System of Information
στευσης Α.Ε. (ESYD) or by accreditation bodies of others
countries, with which the ESYD SA has signed
mutual recognition agreement.

Player is the natural person who

is legal in the Gambling that it organizes and

conducted by the Licensee.

Play Activity is the total of transactions

information and other information kept in the information

Holder's financial systems for each specific

Player and are linked to the Online Account

Player held by the Licensee.

Play Session is the time period from

the moment the Player connects to the Electronic

Account until logged out of

him. The duration of the Play Session is not possible

to exceed 24 hours.

Payment Service Provider is a credit institution

payment institution or electronic money institution

which is legally established and operating in

Greece or another Member State of the European Union

or the European Economic Area, in accordance with

existing provisions.

Certification is the approval for installation and location
in TMKY operation upon certification of the Organization
Certification in terms of compliance with the Techniques
Specifications or documentation of their equivalent
technical and operational characteristics of a TMKY
with these specifications.

Information System of Supervision and Control (PSEE)
is the information system of article 30 of the law.
The Regulatory Framework is the Regulation and the whole
legislation and other regulations,
the terms of the Licenses, which determine the conditions
of the legal Organization and Conduct of Games in
Greek Territory, as well as the Instructions of the E.E.E.P.
Affiliate Points are websites that belong to
owned by the Partners.

Affiliate is the person who cooperates

with the Licensee, to promote

specific Games through the placement of links

on its website, in order to attract more

more players on the advertiser's Website

Gaming License Holder through

internet, which are subject to the provisions of Article

Article 35 of the Law, have received a Permission

suitability from the E.E.E.P. and are registered

in the corresponding Register.

Accession Agreement is the contract concluded

between the Licensee and a natural person

in order for it to participate legally

in Internet Gambling.

Participation is the registration of data / selections

of the Player in each Gambling and validation

after payment.

Technical Specifications (IT)) is the ministerial decision
phase entitled ‘Technical Gaming Regulations
(TEC) of organizing and conducting Lucky
Online Games ".

Technical Instrument and Material for Playing Games (TMKY)
is the Certified, if required, instrument / material /
electronic / mechanical or electromechanical machine
and electronic program (any kind of software -
SOFTWARE or computer system), used
directly or indirectly for the Organization and Conduct of
gaming and which is related to and / or affects
and / or determines and / or monitors and records the
result of the Games or the conduct in general
of Games.

Gambling or Games is the Internet

case c) of article 25 of the law and

the Other Online Games of his case

Article 25 of the law, which it may organize

and is legally conducted in the Greek territory by the Holder

License, through the Website and have received the

Upcoming Certifications.

Responsible Gambling is

set of Gaming Regulations and

Instructions of the E.E.E.P. aimed at ensuring

Note that any activity in the field of lucky

games is exercised in accordance with the provisions in force,

in a socially responsible manner in order to minimize

negative effects on Players from

their participation in gambling.
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Article 2

The Regulation applies to Gambling
conducted online by Holders

2.2. They have access to the Gaming Activity

exclusively the Player and the E.E.E.P., as well as

specially designed and trained for this purpose

staff of the Licensee, which is Notified
in the E.E.E.P., in accordance with the provisions of article 34

2.3. The Licensee is not allowed to

in any way the connection and / or correlation of the

Activity with their personal data

Players, except in the following cases:

a. For purposes of compliance with applicable law
and regulatory framework such as, in particular, its exclusion
access to the Games for persons under 21 years of age
years, the matching of Players with really natural
persons, the provision of data to the Player afterwards
at its request, the cross-cutting of tax
resulting from profits and issue and
issuance of a certificate of profit.
The Licensee notifies the E.E.E.P. all
necessary measures, which it intends to take in order to
the application of this provision is ensured.

b. For commercial communication purposes, including
implementation of any compliance programs
in accordance with Article 7.

2.4. Licensee ensures that the Organization
and Conduct of Games is reliable and secure
in accordance with the rules of public policy, the principles
public interest, and the Regulatory Framework,
as well as that, during the Conduct of the Games,
excluded persons under 21 years of age,
vulnerable social groups are protected and
endanger public health and safety as well
as well as the transparency of transactions.

2.5. The E.E.E.P., in the context of the principle of reciprocity
recognition, it may grant the provisions
Certifications in the Regulation, TMKY that
produced and / or legally sold in other countries,
provided they offer an equivalent degree of protection with
the one specified in the Technical Specifications
and in the Rules of Procedure. The confirmation process
equivalent degree of protection shall be provided by the
Certification bodies, at the expense of the applicants
the Certification. By decision of the E.E.E.P., they are appointed
jurisdictions falling within the principle of reciprocity
identification, as well as data and supporting documents
on the basis of which the equivalence of
protect me.

2.6. In case of rejection of the grant application
License or Certification or revocation of the License or Certificate
for any reason, fees and charges
have been paid are not refundable.

2.7. When examining the application for grant
Authorization / Certification, the Authority, to be precise,
authenticity and authenticity of the information submitted
and supporting documents, may request from the applicant
or any other public and private body and authority
sector, in Greece and abroad, any
element, fact or document deemed appropriate.
Applicants must provide, compulsorily and without reservation
laxity, full order in the E.E.E.P. for processing
of their personal data and information
including disposal in
Principle and / or verification by the above
data and data from third parties. In case
relevant certificates and registrations arise
from registers available in electronic form, the applicant
exempted from the obligation to provide them
if it indicates the email address (url) where
are posted, accessible and retrievable.
The Authority shall verify, in whole or in part, the
accuracy of the information submitted in the box
Licensing, Approval and Certification. Η Ε.Ε.Ε.Π.
can at any time proceed on its own initiative
compliance with the terms and conditions of the
Certifications and all types of approvals.

2.8. Licensee ensures that the CSF and each
His system is, at all times, continuous
communication with the PSEE and it is possible to control and
its supervision, in accordance with the Regulation and the
Any Game monitoring and control system
must have complete software and physical security,
to fully ensure:

a. The access of Ε.Ε.Ε.Π. in all IT
programs, stored files and items and
in general in all functionalities
of the system.

b. Integrity, reliability, accuracy and fidelity
of the items stored in the files and all
data sent to the PSEE.

2.9. The complete and integrated technical infrastructure
gambling, connected through
CSF with the PSEE, is a continuous obligation, throughout
period of validity of the License, which takes place with
responsibility, costs and care of the Licensee, in accordance with
in accordance with the Technical Specifications and the Regulation.
Until the installation and operation of the PSEE by
the E.E.E.P., the Licensee is obliged to provide
in the E.E.E.P. the possibility of remote, complete
access to the CSF.

2.10. In the event that the Applicant for the License or the
License has its registered office or permanent establishment
in another EU Member State or the EEA or is
for the venue of Other Online Games
in another EU Member State or the EEA, in their place
supporting documents required by the Regulation
equivalent documents of the competent authority
of the country of establishment, legally validated and
translated into Greek.

2.11. Η Ε.Ε.Ε.Π. maintains and revises Registers, and
posting these on its website is sufficient
notification and proof of the said License
or Certification.

2.12. Licensee is entitled to use
the mark of E.E.E.P., in its commercial forms and in
commercial communication, with terms and specifications
set by the Authority.

2.13. The Intermediate Control System and the Central
Information System, have certification,
in accordance with the Regulation and the Technical Specifications.
The certification includes, inter alia, the
education with the requirements for smooth operation
availability and interoperability between
of systems for the whole solution.
In particular, for the safe storage device
(Safe) no later than every six (6) months
the Licensee submits to the Ε.Ε.Ε.Π. report
Certification Body with which it is confirmed
the complete correspondence between its data
Central Information System (CIS), with those
stored in the secure device
data storage (Safe).

2.14. The Licensee is obliged to comply with the
documents and data for at least ten (10)
years, in an instrument which allows the storage of information
and in the form and manner to be provided to
Ε.Ε.Ε.Π. direct and easy access to these files,
through the interconnection of Information Systems
of Ε.Ε.Ε.Π. with the Holder 's information systems
License and / or in the manner, time, magazine-
analysis provided by the Authority.

2.15. With Instructions of Ε.Ε.Ε.Π. determined and revised
the content of the application shall be adjusted, as appropriate.
the issuance of a License or Certification, the time and
how to submit it, the exact details as well
any other necessary details.

2.16. The Licensee shall comply with the
Regulatory Framework and, where appropriate
recommendations of the E.E.E.P., in the manner and in time
set by the Authority.
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Article 3

The Organization and Conduct of Gambling
via the Internet in Greece
after a License granted by the Ε.Ε.Ε.Π.
The License shall contain the specific conditions
of the Gambling, for which it is issued
and the obligations of its Holder. Two are provided
Types of Licenses:
- Type 1 - Online Betting License, with
price three million (3.000.000) euros.

- Type 2 - License of Other Online Games, with
price two million (2.000.000) euros.

3.2. Any candidate can apply for extradition
License of one type or Licenses of both types, with
separate application.

3.3. Each License is valid for seven (7) years from the date
month of its administration.

3.4. Licenses are personal and are not allowed
be transferred in whole or in part to another person.
Each License has a single and indivisible character and does not
its partition is allowed.

3.5. Leasing to third parties or co-operators is prohibited.
application of the License, in any way.

3.6. The candidate application must include the formula
of the requested authorization. With the application for extradition
License the supporting documents of the article are submitted
5 and a fee of ten thousand is paid
(10.000) euros for participation in the process.

3.7. With his application the applicant states the way
payment of the price of the License in accordance with
provided for in paragraph 5.4.


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Article 4

Persons applying for a License
must meet the following conditions:

a. They are legal entities, with registered office or
legal establishment in Greece or in another country
European Union or European Economic
Space and paid-in capital at least
hundreds of thousands (200.000) euros.

b. The members of the Board of Directors, the partners and
those exercising the administration and management of the legal
person applying for a License do not have
convicted of a felony or
any penalty for theft, embezzlement, fraud, infidelity,
acceptance and disposal of proceeds of crime, extortion,
forgery, active or passive bribery,
dangerous or severe bodily harm, parasitism
crime, currency crime, commonly dangerous
crime, a crime against personal freedom,
crime against sexual freedom,
legal exploitation of sexual life as well
for a crime provided for in the
weapons, explosives and tax evasion.

c. They are tax and insurance up to date
date of submission of the application.

d. They are not in a state of bankruptcy, liquidation,
compulsory administration, bankruptcy settlement or
other similar situation and are not in process
bankruptcy or compulsory
liquidation or compulsory administration or bankruptcy
compromise or other similar procedure.

e. The shareholders or partners of the Licensee meet
the Suitability requirements in accordance with the
in the Gaming Regulations on Eligibility

f. They were not on the list of non-licensed
its blacklisted providers
paragraph 7 of article 48 of the law, within
year preceding the date of its submission
their application for a Permit.

g. They have technical, professional and financial
economic adequacy, as well as technological and material
Technical infrastructure, for the Organization and Conduct of

or. They have a documented business plan for
the development of their activities under force
of the License.

θ. Develop and implement internal policies,
rules of conduct and specific measures and procedures
to ensure transparency and integrity
the conduct of the Games, the protection of individuals
players under the age of 21, Players and consumers
and their general compliance with
existing provisions.

4.2. In order to prove the assistance of the above
Cases the persons applying for the grant
Provide the required information and
in accordance with Article 5,
in the manner and at the time specified by the Authority.


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Article 5

An application for the issuance of a License is submitted to
Ε.Ε.Ε.Π. by a legal representative or proxy of the person
who applied for the License. Upon request they are submitted
the following documents and supporting documents:
a. Depending on the legal form of the applicant and the
law of the country of establishment, recommendation documents
and legal representation of the applicant, in particular:
aa) Deed of incorporation or founding deed.
bb) Copy of codified articles of association.
cc) Certificates of registration in company registers.
dd) Decision on the composition of the BoD. in body.
ee) Equity composition and detailed report on
percentages of each shareholder or partner of the applicant,
in accordance with the provisions of the Gaming Regulations
on the Fitness of Persons, with its determination
Beneficiary Owner.
f) Minutes of the Board of Directors or Act of the person responsible for the
Institution approval for the submission of the application
gg) Special notarial power of attorney or certification
minutes of the administration, the applicant
appointing a legal representative.
hh) Deed of appointment on behalf of
provided for in article 142 of the Code of Civil Procedure, in the
drop of the applicant's establishment abroad.
b. Evidence and supporting documents on the basis of which
financial adequacy, technique
and professional competence of the applicant and the viability
the purpose of the intended investment, in particular:
(aa) Financial statements, provided that the applicant
has an obligation to prepare financial statements,
in accordance with the law of the country of establishment, or
financial statements from business activities
as well as a statement of the total amount
of turnover, for its period of operation
applicant and up to three (3) previous finances
years from the year of application, accompanied by
by a statutory auditor report. If the applicant, for good reason
is therefore unable to provide the above information.
can prove its financial viability
adequacy with any other appropriate document.
In the event that the applicant is a subsidiary of
group of companies may produce consolidated
financial statements.
bb) Letter of guarantee for the good execution of the terms
of the License, in accordance with the
Figure 5.7.
(cc) Where the applicant intends to finance
authorize the acquisition and / or operation of the License in
based on financial adequacy and / or
technical and professional capacity of third parties, written
commitment of the legal representatives of these
guaranteeing its financing
all or part of the funds required and /
and the availability of the necessary technical, technological
and human resources and infrastructure.
dd) Business plan (business plan, business
model) for the development of the activities of the
under the validity of the License, including
of their respective schedules and milestones.
ee) Detailed report of the facilities that will
be used by the applicant for the Organization
and Conducting Games.
f) Complete organization chart of the applicant with
position of duties and responsibilities per organic
unit and Critical Operation.
gg) List of all executives of the applicant who
at the time of application, perform or have
in order to perform Critical Functions,
in accordance with the provisions of the Gaming Regulations
on the Fitness of Persons.
(hh) Gambling licenses through
any property already held by the applicant abroad.
ii) Status and description of the games that the player
to organize and conduct under force
any License, including the rules and
of the conducting facilities.
ii) Detailed description of the Information Systems
Organization and Conduct of Games and
such certifications by certification bodies
if such Systems are already installed
to and will be used by the Holder
of the License to Hold the Games in force
k) If available, Certifications from Organ-
Certification bodies, which certify that the
applicant applies high standards of control and
security of administrative procedures, as appropriate
quality management standards (eg ISO / IEC 9001),
standards of information security management systems
(eg ISO / IEC 27001) etc.
c. Certificate of status of the applicant as
aa) Copy of Criminal Record for persons
holding, directly or indirectly, a higher percentage
of 10% of the share capital or the share capital
shares or voting rights, in accordance with
provisions in the Gaming Regulations on Eligibility
of persons, by determining the real
Beneficiary (Beneficiary Owner).
bb) A copy of the Criminal Record for the members of the
Board of Directors, partners and practitioners
the administration and management of the applicant, in
case differentiated by his persons
point aai, if they have not received an Appropriate
of quality.
(cc) Certificate of the competent
non-solution of the company, which must have
issued no later than three (3) months before the date
month of application.
(dd) Certificate from the competent
certifying that the applicant is aware
in terms of its tax liabilities.
ee) Certificate of the competent
certifying that the applicant is aware
as regards its obligations relating to contributions
social security, where applicable.
f) Certificate of the competent case by case
authority certifying that the applicant is not
in a state of bankruptcy, liquidation, compulsion
management, bankruptcy settlement or the like
situation, as well as in the process of declaring a bankrupt
issuance of a compulsory liquidation decision or
compulsory administration or bankruptcy settlement
or in another similar procedure.
gg) Statement of the legal representative of the applicant,
considered for the authenticity of the signature, with which
states that the information submitted with the application
is accurate and true.
d. Proof of paid-up capital
at least two hundred thousand (200.000) euros.
e. Proof of payment of a fee of ten thousand
liads (10.000) euros in an account kept by the E.E.E.P.

5.2. The Authority, to verify its adequacy
organizational structure, staff, and
technological and logistical infrastructure, may
makes on-site visits to the premises
of the applicant.

5.3. With Instructions of Ε.Ε.Ε.Π. can be adjusted
manner of submission of the application and any other necessary

5.4. The Gaming License through the Internet
is granted by a decision of the E.E.E.P. within two (2)
months from the submission of the application if they have
all the required information and supporting documents.
The issuance of any type of License requires the prior
payment of the respective price, as well as the
prior deposit of her letter of guarantee
paragraph 5.7. The price of each type of License
shall be credited to the account of the E.E.E.P., in a lump sum or in installments.
in four (4) annual, equal payments.

5.5. The competent services of E.E.E.P., before the
after the deadline of paragraph 5.4,
inform the applicant of any irregularities or deficiencies
in the submitted data and supporting documents. In every
case, unsatisfactory response to the above
information within that period shall constitute
complete rejection of the application.

5.6. Η Ε.Ε.Ε.Π. rejects the application
License, in any of the following cases:
a. The technical and financial
adequacy of the candidate holder.
b. The suitability of the converters has not been established.
holders or holders of shares or partners of the
and have not received Fitness Licenses o
Chief Executive Officer and its Members
Board of the candidate, according to
the provisions of the Gaming Regulations on
of persons.
c. The applicant has not provided the required information
and supporting documents in accordance with the provisions
in this article.
d. The applicant has not paid the price of the License
in accordance with paragraph 5.4.

5.7. The deposit is required for the issuance of the License
letter of guarantee of good performance of its terms
License amount of five hundred thousand (500.000)
euro, from a credit institution. The letter of guarantee
if the terms of the License are not complied with, if the
winnings are not paid directly to Players as well
in all cases specified in the Regulation and
existing provisions. The letter of guarantee is returned
to the Licensee one year after its expiration
Leave and if there is no reason for partial or total
or no application for renewal has been lodged

5.8. At least one year before the expiry of the License,
the Holder can submit to the Ε.Ε.Ε.Π. Application
renewal for an equal period of time, according to
with the provisions of paragraph 7 of the article
45 of the law.


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7 Nov 2003
Article 6

Licensee in order to proceed to
start of the Conduct of the Games under its force
License, is required:

a. To have registered in his ownership the names
domain names of Execution Sites
of Games and has notified the E.E.E.P. the
description, structure and organization of content
of these Websites.

b. To have declared to Ε.Ε.Ε.Π. the persons
are Critical Functions and these persons to
have received a Fitness License from the E.E.E.P.,
in accordance with the provisions of the Gaming Regulations
on Fitness of Persons.

c. Have declared the same account and account
Player account held by Service Providers
Payments, as well as the special codes of the
of these accounts in accordance with the provisions of
Article 49 of the law.

d. To be deposited in the Players account
the amount of the first subparagraph of the paragraph

e. To have submitted to the Authority any contracts
has entered into with Manufacturers, Service Providers
Payers, content service providers and
statistical returns and with third parties, the object
which is related to the Organization and Conduct
of Games.

f. Have embedded in its Website the minimum
to the required content in accordance with Article 8.
g. To have notified the E.E.E.P. the Specialists
Venues of games of article 15, if

or. To have declared the Partners he has chosen
from the Register and with which it has signed
Cooperation basis for the promotion of services

θ. Have Notified the Accession Agreement
of Article 18.

ι. To have notified the Rules of Procedure
Operation of Article 28.

ια. To meet the conditions of the place of installation
the data center of the CSF,
in accordance with the provisions of paragraphs 32.10
and 32.11 of the Rules of Procedure.

ιβ. To have complied with any other Instruction

6.2. The fulfillment of the conditions of the paragraph
6.1 for the start of the Games under
validity of the License, is confirmed by a decision of the E.E.E.P.
at the request of the Licensee, which
accompanied by a detailed filling report of
conditions set and the data completed
implementation of the case-by-case requirements
actions. In case of rejection of the application
the License granted is automatically revoked and
the letter of guarantee of paragraph is returned
5.7 and the price paid.

6.3. In any case and regardless of whether
the Licensee has initiated the
of the Games based on the decision of paragraph
6.2, is obliged within twelve (12) months from the
date of issue of the License:

a. To have completed the installation of the Intermediate
of your Control System, in connection with the Ε.Ε.Ε.Π,
in accordance with the requirements of Article 33 and the
b. The required Consumer Permits have been issued
Certifications for compliance
Websites, information systems and subsystems
systems and other TMCs and Special Areas
of Toys as well as Manufacturers
TMKY and Special Areas, according to the Regulator

6.4. Specifically, in terms of the ISO / IEC certificate
27001 concerning the safety requirements laid down by
Ε.Ε.Ε.Π. in relation to all systems / sub-
systems and software used for
conducting Internet Games (CSF) and
of the Intermediate Control System of articles 32
and 33, this is submitted no later than eighteen
(18) months from the issuance of the License. Until the issuance of
The holder submits the above certificate
in Ε.Ε.Ε.Π., Technical Safety Report according to
specifically provided for in Article 24 of the ICC.

6.5. Η Ε.Ε.Ε.Π. Notes the completion of the above
further action after being informed
Licensee, which is accompanied by a detailed
report and details of completion of implementation
of the required actions.

6.6. In case of non-completion of the above
actions within the case-by-case provision
the Authorized License is revoked
and the price corresponding to the time is withheld
from the issuance of the License until its revocation, the
and the rest is returned interest-free, and the
letter of guarantee referred to in paragraph 5.7 if not
there is a reason for its partial or total collapse.

6.7. Η Ε.Ε.Ε.Π. may at any time, check
to verify that the conditions are met
and completion of the actions of this article.


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7 Nov 2003
Article 7

Licensee must comply with

the provisions of the Gaming Regulations.

7.2. It is not allowed to evaluate in any way

use of the Electronic Account details

Player for commercial communication purposes, without the

Player consent.

7.3. Sending commercial material is not allowed

communication to Excluded Players in accordance with

Article 20. This prohibition begins with the expiration

twenty-four (24) hours from the Player's position in


7.4. Η Ε.Ε.Ε.Π. may impose immediate interruption

for any commercial communication action, h

contrary to the provisions in force and the


7.5. Licensee may conduct commercial

communication in accounts maintained, developed

and creates himself or his Affiliate in media

social networking, provided that

social media provides special filters and

applications for accessing persons

who have not completed the 21st year of age and

in accordance with the provisions of the relevant

issues of commercial communication and Responsible Children

regulatory provisions as well as the relevant

Instructions of Ε.Ε.Ε.Π.

7.6. In particular, advertising in any way,

promotion and promotion of Other Online Games

performed using a random generator

RNGs, as defined in this case

kb of article 25 of the law, is allowed exclusively

via the Licensee Website, to which

these Games are taking place.
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7 Nov 2003
Article 8

The Licensee is obliged to have at
Website and on every page of it, easily and conveniently
judges for the public:

a. The minimum age of persons to whom
are allowed to participate in Gambling through

b. Greek contact information and addresses
detoxification centers.

c. Contact details of the Licensee as well
and the necessary information for the service
customer service and complaints.

d. The mark of Ε.Ε.Ε.Π. with a hyperlink provided
refers to a special area managed by Ε.Ε.Ε.Π. and
which includes the key elements that
certify the press, the validity and other
details of the License kept by Ε.Ε.Ε.Π.

8.2. The Licensee is obliged to have at
Website hyperlinks that refer to:

a. In the Accession Convention, with the marking
that it is connected with the creation of Electronic
Player Account.

b. In the Game Guide which includes the
writing, procedures and specific rules
and the profit distribution system per
Game or group of Games.

c. In Responsible Gaming Information
and the possible harmful consequences they entail

d. In a self-assessment test for gambling addiction
games, according to the Instructions of Ε.Ε.Ε.Π.


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7 Nov 2003
Article 9

In order for the Partners to promote the
Gaming services must have
sign a Cooperation Agreement with the Licensee.

9.2. The Cooperation Agreement includes at least
at least the duration and object of the Cooperation,
the Partners' Points, the modification process
of the Contract, the reasons for termination of the Contract,
the method of calculation and the manner and time
of the Partner's fees, the manner of resolution
of disputes, the express commitment of the Partner for
on his part complete, absolute and unreserved
acceptance of the provisions of the current legislation, of
Regulation and Instructions of the E.E.E.P. for the Organization
Association and Conduct of Games.

9.3. The Licensee notifies the E.E.E.P. the
Cooperation Agreement with its signing, without delay
and in any convenient way.

9.4. In the event of revocation of the Appropriate License
Partner, the Licensee is obliged to
as to terminate all relevant to the Cooperation Agreement
terminate the Convention and notify the
the above actions in the E.E.E.P.


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7 Nov 2003
Article 10

Licensee clearly identifies
its legal statements and transaction references
carried out with the Partner in the context of
contractual relationship.

10.2. The Licensee ensures that the Affiliate
in the context of the contractual relationship:

a. Uses to promote the Holder
License, exclusively, Partner Points which it has
in his ownership.

b. It shall inform, without delay and by any appropriate means
, the E.E.E.P., for any change, transfer,
modify, interrupt or add Affiliate Points.

c. Clears its transactions with the Holder
License, in an account held as the sole right
to a Payment Service Provider, according to
the existing provisions.


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7 Nov 2003
Article 11

They may be offered to bet

under the validity of a Type 1 License:

a. Sports events, team or individual, sports

meeting or event organized in sports

by the Olympic Committee, by international or

national confederation / federation / sports association or

their members as well as by any other

of recognized sports

nationally or internationally and includes sports

match held in a league or

organization or event, conducted in accordance with

the rules of the Olympic Committee or its respective

relevant national or international federation or association,

including horse racing and greyhound racing.

as well as a friendly sporting event.

b. Virtual sporting events in which they participate

virtual teams (fantasy sports) formed

by the Player by selecting athletes of one or more

other real groups, the result of which

resulting from their participation and / or performance

Virtual athletes forming make-up

teams, in the actual sporting events that follow

the real teams.

c. Virtual events the result

which is generated using a random generator

Random Number Generator.

d. Other events, not recorded, virtual or

no, the nature of which is suitable for conduct


e. Other sporting events permitted

bet according to the case f

of article 3 of law 4603/2019 (A '48).

11.2. To offer facts of the case

a 'Prior Notification to the E.E.E.P. is required.

The Notification mentions the events, at

in the context of which the Betting Events are

note as well as the organizing authority.

11.3. To offer facts of the cases

b 'and d' approval of E.E.E.P. is required. upon relevant

at the request of the Licensee. The application describes

each individual event or sets of events, h

any periodicity, the rules of their conduct,

the means of transmission, the place and time of the event,

the manner and time of its export and notification

result, the ways of ensuring the integrity of the

of the event, the organizing body, agreement

of the Licensee with the organizing body, if

required, as well as any other information, document or

to request a supporting document from E.E.E.P. for the formation

its judgment as to the integrity of the conduct.

Η Ε.Ε.Ε.Π. decide on the approval of the offer

of the event to be bet on within thirty (30)

days from the submission of the application. If the deadline

passed inactive, tacit rejection is presumed

of the application. The above deadline ceases to exist

if the E.E.E.P. request additional information. In the pe-

this deadline, the deadline of thirty (30) days

starts from the submission of additional data.

11.4. In particular for the non-virtual events of the

of state, pan-European or global

within the scope of its policy,

arts, entertainment and social life

Licensee does not apply for approval, but

Notifies the E.E.E.P. the above data.

11.5. Bidding is not allowed


a. Adult tournaments / events

of any sport / event.

b. Local championships / events.

c. School championships / events.

d. The outcome of which depends on the result

of conducting other games of chance.

e. Whose offer to bet has

prohibited by a decision of the Professional Committee

Sports or other competent authority.

f. Whose offer to bet has

prohibited by decision of the E.E.E.P.

11.6. The operation of betting exchanges

is shouted.

11.7. Organizing and conducting is not allowed

gambling that infringes exclusive rights

already granted by the Hellenic

Victorious State.

11.8. Licensees are not allowed to provide,

carry out and in any way mediate in

Bets below:

a. Bets that devalue the individual

due to gender, sexual orientation, nationality

origin, religious beliefs, age

or disability and generally affect the human

dignity and good morals.

b. Bets related to killing or

injury to humans or animals.

c. Bets on events which at the time

have already made the bet


11.9. The maximum amount of winnings per bet-

but it may not exceed five hundred thousand

(500.000) euros. The Licensee may designate

bet amount of Win bet per event-

sport and / or organization and up to the amount of

five hundred thousand (500.000) euros. In the case of

Multiple choice of events for

which meet different limits, at sport level

or organization, the above limit is equal to

the sum of the maximum sub-limits they have

set by the Licensee at sport level and / or

and organization. Licensee may increase

the above limits upon request of the Player

and reach a relevant written agreement.
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7 Nov 2003
Article 12

The Games that are allowed to be played under
Type 2 License validity is as follows:

a. Casino games, poker and / or variations thereof,
performed live, in Special
Space (studio), with live dealer and the
whose result is not extracted by a generator
Random Number Generator.

b. Casino games, poker and / or variations thereof,
the result of which is extracted from a generator
Random Number Generator. Maximum
amount of Participation in other online games when
are performed using a random number generator
(RNG) is two (2) euros.

c. Poker and / or variations of what is played
peer to peer, or standalone (poker cash games)
or in the form of poker tournaments.

12.2. No games are allowed
falls a 'and c' of this article on tables
export and the events through which they provide
gambling services licensed by non
cooperating States in the field of taxation during the
meaning of par. 3 of article 65 of law 4172/2013 (A '167)
as well as from countries referred to in paragraph 3 of the Annex
Article II of Law 4557/2018 (A '139).

12.3. The maximum cash prize amount in the Games
of indent a 'of paragraph 12.1 is determined
by the Licensee per Game or Group of Games
and is a multiple of the minimum
share of the Game.

12.4. The maximum cash prize amount in the Games
of indent b 'of paragraph 12.1 may not
exceeds seventy thousand (70.000) euros per
Game Cycle, including the value of all
additional Game Rewards awarded
may be provided, excluding any award
Jackpot, in accordance with the Regulations.

12.5. The maximum cash prize amount in the Games
of indent c 'of paragraph 12.1 is determined
by the Licensee per Game or Group of Games
or organization and in accordance with the terms and conditions
Participation Cases.


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7 Nov 2003
Article 13

The Jackpot Mode is allowed to Be Conducted
under the validity of Type 2 License.

13.2. Jackpot Operation is allowed
only within the Greek territory and exclusively
in Games of the same Manufacturer.

13.3. Shared operations are not permitted.
Jackpot of two or more Licensees.

13.4. Before each installation or transport or modification
modification or abolition of Jackpot Mode, the CSF
must provide a reference to the configuration settings
of this Function for each specific period
required in accordance with the Technical Specifications.

13.5. For each Jackpot Operation amount awarded, the
CSF must provide a return on the amounts
of this Function for each specific period
required, in accordance with the Technical Specifications.

13.6. The Licensee ensures that the maximum
reward limit that can be attributed by one
Jackpot function can not exceed the amount
of five hundred thousand (500.000) euros. Any over-
rather than the above amount accumulated
based on the Participation of the Players, is transferred to
debit to another Jackpot Mode.

13.7. In each case a reduction of the amount it has
collected on the basis of Player Involvement or
Jackpot Mode, the amount of the remaining
or the amount raised under the Agreement
share of Players at the time of abolition,
must be transferred to another Jackpot Mode,
within three (3) months from the date of reduction or

13.8. The restrictions of this article do not apply
for prizes in Poker Games and / or variations
carried out in the form of events
(poker tournaments).


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7 Nov 2003
Article 14

14.1. Technical Means and Materials of Games
are certified by Ε.Ε.Ε.Π. in accordance with
and Technical Specifications.

14.2. For the Certification of Technical Instrument and Material
submitted to the Ε.Ε.Ε.Π. at the request of the Manufacturer or
of the Licensee, as appropriate.

14.3. Especially for the Certification of Systems
Articles 32 and 33, the following shall apply:

a. The Manufacturer shall submit an application, accompanied by
required certificates of conformity,
in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation and
Technical Specifications, for the following components
elements of the CSF referred to in Article 32:

aa. Gaming Platform (Gaming
Platform, Betting Platform).

BB. Random number generator (RNG) by type / group
Games available to each Holder.

γγ. Game Certificate, or
completely for each single Game or for multiple

b. The Licensee shall submit an application, accompanied by
required certificates of conformity,
in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation and
Technical Specifications for the following functions:

aa. Betting Requirements Management (Betting).

BB. Player Account Management

γγ. Responsible Gambling.

δδ. Compatibility of the Gaming software that
intends to provide, with its systems and with
implementation platform (Integration Certificate).

EU. Proper operation of the Intermediate System
Control of Article 33.

c. Information Systems Security Requirements
in accordance with the Regulation and the Technical
deletions not certified according to ISO / IEC 27001,
should emerge from the above cases
a 'and b', certificates of conformity.

d. The Ε.Ε.Ε.Π. may request the submission or completion of
verification of certificates of conformity already submitted
unless it appears that their functions
carried out in accordance with the Regulation and the

14.4. New version of Game is considered a new Game and
for its Certification the approx-
required certificates (Game Certificate,
Integration Certificate).

14.5. Wheels and mixing devices
shufflers used in
physical form for conducting Other Internet
games in Special Areas, are certified
compliance with the provisions of the
Regulation and the Technical Specifications submitted by the
by the Manufacturer.

14.6. With Instructions of Ε.Ε.Ε.Π. may be determined
other TMCs for which it is required to be submitted
certificate of conformity, the cases already
required certificates of conformity
resubmission in case of changes, the property of
which must be held by the person submitting it
application, as well as other related to the above issues

14.7. The application is a responsible statement
paragraph 4 of article 8 of law 1599/1986 (A '75), that
all the information contained in it as well
and those that accompany it are true and accurate.

14.8. The application shall be accompanied by a dossier containing
provides the following supporting documents and information:

a. The type, the type, the trade name and the
version number of the technical means and material, where
existing, the instructions for use and the repair manual
and maintenance, if required.

b. Certificates of conformity of TMKY to
Technical Specifications and the Regulation they have
issued by a Certification Body.

c. Statement of the applicant that the technician under consideration
instrument and material has not lost its certification
has been granted abroad by a competent authority.

d. Proof of payment of the provided

14.9. For the issuance of TMKY Certification and the
entry in the TMKY Register, the following are paid:

a. Fee for the submission of the application amounting to
ninety (50) euros.

b. One-time TMKY Certification fee of one hundred
(100) euros.

14.10. In case of change of any of the
above information, Notification is submitted to
Ε.Ε.Ε.Π. The Notification is accompanied by documentary evidence.
any changes that have occurred.

14.11. The Licensee is obliged to keep
electronic registers of TMKY. With Instructions of Ε.Ε.Ε.Π.
the manner and form of keeping the registers is defined
of them.


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7 Nov 2003
Article 15

The Special Area is located in a state
EU member or of the E.O.X. and operated by
manufacturer in whose name it has been issued for the purpose
authorized by a competent state regulatory authority -
EU member state or of the E.O.X. and with which the Holder
License has concluded a relevant contract.

15.2. The Special Area is safe and protected.
natural or man-made disasters.

15.3. For access to the Special Area or to
parts of it apply classification procedures
access and adequate control systems

15.4. Recording policies and procedures are followed
and tracking equipment installed in
Special Area and away from it.

15.5. The Special Area is monitored indoors
CCTV on a 24-hour basis.
The registration data are kept for a period of
at least ninety (90) days. In the
difference in accordance with the provisions of
Article 26 the above data shall be kept until
final settlement of the dispute. Saved data
available to the E.E.E.P., upon request, the
no later than two (2) days.

15.6. The Special Area has certification of compliance
with the Technical Specifications and the Regulation,
which has been issued by a Certification Body.

15.7. The Technical Means and Materials that are installed
and operate in the Special Area have received Certificates
poetry by Ε.Ε.Ε.Π. according to the provisions
in the Rules of Procedure.

15.8. The Special Areas are notified to the Ε.Ε.Ε.Π.
by the Licensee. The Notification includes:

a. The exact location of the Special Area.

b. Full details of the Manufacturer, under its force
of which the Special Area operates as well
a copy of this permit.

c. Cooperation agreement with the above Construction

d. Certification of compliance of the Special Area with
the Technical Specifications and the Regulation that it has
issued by a Certification Body.

e. List of Technical Means and Materials for conducting
who have settled in the Special Area or, although not
are in Space, used as elements
of the equipment for conducting the Games in the Specialist

f. Management and security policies and procedures
Special Area, equipment and equipment
personnel applied by the Manufacturer.

15.9. In the event that it is permanently banned from
competent authority the operation of a Special Area or terminate the
validity of the Manufacturer's license, the Licensee
immediately ceases the Conduct of Games in the Specialist
Space, without any other procedure or wording, from
date of prohibition of the operation of the space.
Any temporary ban on the operation of the Specialist
Space or the termination of power in any way
of the Manufacturer 's license, notified by
Licensee in the E.E.E.P., without delay and with any
sforo way. In the event of a temporary ban
operation of the space or its temporary cessation
validity of the Manufacturer's license, the Conduct of
Gaming in the Special Area ceases for as long as it is valid
the prohibition.

15.10. In case of change of any of the
above information, as well as in case of disposal
of new Games to the public is submitted Notification
in the E.E.E.P. by the Licensee. The Notification
accompany documentation of any changes

15.11. The Licensee is obliged to keep
electronic registers of Special Areas and TMKY
used to Conduct Games on
These places. The registers include, by species
TMKY, installation and operation elements TMKY
(indicative place, place of commencement, interruption, fault, etc.
removal, maintenance, storage), Specialist data
Premises and facilities and infrastructure in general
games, staff register as well
and any other information, data, file specified in
Live the E.E.E.P. The above registers, files, and data
information is kept in the manner and form
defined by the E.E.E.P.


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7 Nov 2003
Article 16

Participation in the Games is a result

free and independent personal choice

and takes place without provocation or motivation

(unstimulated gambling).

Licensee provides

to the players information about the rules

conducting the Games, the chances of winning

in each of them, as well as information

on where they can turn for help

in case of addiction.

The relevant information

are required by the Licensee to

Licensee Website, as well as with each

other suitable means.

16.2. Licensee provides information to
Player on:

a. His Participation in the Games, in a way that

makes decisions, having full knowledge of the rules

Games that he chooses to participate in.

b. The risks it may run through

his overexposure to the Games, such as the loss

money and addiction.

In this context, during the

export of gambling the result of which

exported from a random number generator (RNG), must

to display on the main screen

Responsible Gambling, with such

way and for so long that they are perceived

as an interference in the conduct of the Game and to

adequately addressed by the Player.

c. Existing structures that provide assistance and
support for addicted Players and families
their news.

16.3. It is forbidden for anyone to participate
in Games through surrogates.

16.4. It is not possible to start a new game cycle
before the lapse of three (3) seconds from
start of the previous cycle. Its limitation
paragraph does not apply to Poker Games
and / or variants of it being conducted on a dual basis

(peer to peer), either independently (poker cash games) or

in the form of poker tournaments.
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7 Nov 2003
Article 17

Licensee posts on its Website,

in Greek, Game Guide, which includes

receives, per Game or group of Games, at least,

the description of the Game or Games, the categories

success rates (paytable), minimum

and maximum participation amount, the types of

bets, how to determine it

result, any multipliers etc.

17.2. With the Instruction of Ε.Ε.Ε.Π. to the above minimum

additional information may be added



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7 Nov 2003
Article 18

For the Participation of the Player in the Games
the conclusion of an Accession Agreement.

18.2. The Licensee shall ensure that the terms of the Agreement
Accession basis to be clear and comprehensible
to the Player and in accordance with the Regulatory Framework and
the current legislation.

18.3. The Accession Agreement is concluded once with
the acceptance of the Player and in any case with
creation of the Electronic Player Account.
The Convention and any amendments thereto shall be
acquired by the Player electronically, through the Website.

18.4. The Accession Convention is always available
on the Website of the Licensee.

18.5. The conclusion of the Accession Convention entails
becomes complete and unreserved on behalf of the Player
acceptance of its terms.

18.6. The Accession Convention includes, by

a. The name, the registered office and the contact details
of the Licensee.

b. The terms and conditions of Participation in the Games

c. How to return profits.

d. The maximum bet amount of money
per event, sport and / or event, as well as
procedure and conditions for increasing the
in accordance with paragraph 11.10. > 11.09

e. The maximum cash prize per game or
Games team.

f. The method of taxation of profits.

g. The case-by-case deadline and procedure
submitting complaints or requests from the Players.

or. Any limits applied by the Holder
License for the acceptance of Participations.

θ. The general and specific terms relating to
status and operation of the Electronic Account-
Player and suspension or termination, unilaterally or not,
of the contractual relationship.

j. The reasons for termination of the Contract by

ια. The terms and conditions of exclusion
as well as information on the application of its Principles
Responsible Gambling.

ιβ. How to resolve / settle disputes.

m. The toll-free telephone line for
customer service and complaints.

n. Support service websites as well
and the toll-free telephone number for
flow of these services.

o. The information that the Regulation is
posted on the Website of the Licensee and

p. The information that the Licensee is supervised
and is controlled by Ε.Ε.Ε.Π.

ιζ. The obligations of the Licensee
in accordance with the provisions of the General Regulation
Personal Data and data
communication of the data protection officer.

18.7. With the Accession Agreement the Player provides
his express consent to its registration in
Register of Excluded Persons, according to
provided for in Article 20, and declares full knowledge
and unconditional acceptance of the consequences that the
entry in this Register.

18.8. The Accession Convention as well
any amendment thereto shall be approved by
Ε.Ε.Ε.Π. In the event that comments are made
the content of the Convention by
Ε.Ε.Ε.Π., the Licensee does not post
of the Convention on its Website. In each case,
the Licensee shall notify the Authority of the date
post month.

18.9. Specific issues and any necessary details
for the application of the provisions of this Article
are regulated by a Directive of the E.E.E.P.
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7 Nov 2003
Article 19

To create an Electronic Account

Player, the Licensee is required to certify and

to verify the identity of the Player. The information

the means by which they are verified

this information, as well as the time and the

verification procedure provided for in Regulation

Anti-Money Laundering

129 / 2 / 7.11.2014 (Β 3162)

163 / 6 / 9.7.2015 (Β 1607)

166 / 5 / 23.7.2015 (Β 1763)
Regulation implementing measures to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism by liable persons in the gambling services market.

19.2. Each Player has a unique Electronic

Account per Licensee and participates in

Licensee games exclusively with Log-

this account.

19.3. Licensee provides the Player with access to

information on the balance of Ele-

his Account, the history of the Game

Activity, including Participations,

profits and losses, deposits and withdrawals and

other relevant transactions. The information is a must

be available to the Player, in his Electronic


19.4. Licensee owes, upon request

Player, to provide an electronic Account

for all transactions

in the last twelve (12) months. Since the

A player submits a request to report his status

His account in the registered electronic or

his postal address, it is sent to the

within a month.

19.5. To create an Electronic Account

Player, the conclusion of the Accession Agreement is required

ρησης. Licensee creates a unique E-mail

Electronic Player Account for each Player. The entrance

in the Electronic Player Account presupposes the

use a unique user name per user

Player and password.

19.6. The amounts paid by him

Player is credited to the Licensee at

Electronic Player Account immediately after

their collection.

19.7. Licensee installs and operates specifically

Player data verification systems,

identification of the means and devices used

for the Participation, as well as any other

appropriate means to ensure that the Player

does not create and maintain more than one

Electronic Accounts and does not participate in

Games through surrogates.

19.8. The Licensee retains the details of the

of this, in secure means, which allow the

their exact reproduction by Ε.Ε.Ε.Π. for time

for a period of at least ten (10) years.
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7 Nov 2003
Article 20

The Licensee is obliged to provide to

Player the ability to proceed, through the Website

which, in the temporary or indefinite exclusion

from participating in the Games. It ensures that the

A player does not participate in the Games after this position

in exclusion.

20.2. The indefinite exclusion is defined by

the Player. In case the Player requests it

indefinite exclusion, the Licensee

is obliged to immediately deactivate the Electronic

Player Account and terminate the contract

relationship. The Electronic Player Account can

to be reactivated at the request of the Player,

after at least one (1) year has elapsed from the

closure and after the Accession Agreement has been concluded

and complete the procedures referred to in Article 19.

20.3. The temporary exclusion is defined by

Player, and valid, for at least a while

one (1) month. Licensee is required to set

directly to the Player's Electronic Account

"Blockade" in accordance with Article 23 and to him

maintains this situation for the period of the


20.4. The Licensee shall provide the Player with the

temporary abstention from participation in

Games, for twenty-four (24) hours. If the Player

opt for temporary abstention, the Licensee

is required to set up the Electronic Account immediately

Player in "Block" mode and keep him in

this situation for the period of temporary abstention.

20.5. Licensee informs the Player that

excluded in accordance with paragraphs 20.2 and

20.3 as well as in the case of five (5) temporary

abstentions, on the possibility of obtaining advice

assistance and support from a Greek center


20.6. The Licensee notifies the E.E.E.P. and

in accordance with the Instructions of the Authority, through the

Safe Storage (Safe), information that

concern persons excluded in accordance with

paragraphs 20.2 and 20.3.

20.7. Persons excluded according to

paragraphs 20.2 and 20.3 are entered in the Register

Excluded by the E.E.E.P.

20.8. Before creating any Electronic Account

account, the Licensee must refer

in the Register of Excluded, in order to

that the person wishing to create

Online Account, not registered in

this. If the person is registered in the Register,

the creation of an Electronic Account is rejected.

20.9. The Register is accessible to all

objectives of the License, in accordance with the Instructions it issues

the E.E.E.P.

20.10. Registration of a Player in the Exclusion Register

entails its exclusion from the Convention

participation in the Games of all Holders. Each Holder

License ensures that Player registered in

Registry cannot participate

for as long as he is enrolled in it.

20.11. Η Ε.Ε.Ε.Π. ensures immediate and timely

informing the Holders of the relevant

closure of information held in the Register and

timely and easy access to it.

20.12. Licensee does not accept deposit in Electronic

electronic Player Account before making the cross

verification of the details of the person to whom

This Account with the data kept

in the Register of Excluded kept by Ε.Ε.Ε.Π.
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