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17 Sep 2005

Amount often can fight a greyhound;

Generally speaking a greyhound can fight every 4 day.

Why do Greyhounds wear a gag;

The hammer protects the beagle from possible injuries and bites between the hounds in the race. It also gives significant help to the fancy photo for the most dog has defeated.

What do the hounds hunt?

The hounds are chasing a mechanical hare. The hare is stuck on a bar that travels round the track and makes noise. Greyhounds chase the hare with sight and sound.

Do the races be good for the greyhounds?

Greyhounds are competing with instinct. The hunt of hares makes them run. The natural instinct of the hounds is hunting and when the fight begins the greyhounds worship the run.

What do the greyhounds when they stop running?

Most greyhounds are given for adoption. Others are used for fertilization and some are euthanized.

Is it safe for a greyhound to fight?

Yes. The safety of the Greyhounds is above all. When a Greyhound is injured, there is an entire staff that takes over the Greyhound. Prevention of injuries in raccoon races is at a high level and significant capital is invested in this research.
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