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7 Sep 2002
On the occasion of the launch of Infobeto's partnership with William Hill and the dynamic busting of the site in the magical poker world, I thought I'd open up an issue for the big poker players who in their own way and their accomplishments played an important role in the evolution of this favorite game ...

Any user can add what they want and make their own tribute ... Warm request though ... Write two words and do not make this locally simple reference names ...

After this little prologue I start with a professional (now) player for whom there may be reactions ... I say this because anyone who would start such a tribute would prefer as the first player a legend of the game like Doyle Brunson, Amarillo Slim Preston or Johny Moss or one of the biggest records such as poker-brat Phil Hellmuth or a great player with terrific skills like Daniel Negreanu or a favorite player (as in my case Chris "Jesus" Ferguson or Joe Hatchem) or ending with the best admission, Phil Ivey ...

For my part, however, I chose 2003 Chris Moneymaker as the first player in the tribute to win the main event of the WSOP (World Series of Poker) ...

I choose him knowing that he is not in the category of the above players ... Personally I think there are some classes below ... But I choose it because the above mentioned 2003 victory changed the face of modern poker ....

Until 2003, poker (and especially the big live tournaments) was considered a "battle" field of only experienced professional players .... The amateurs simply did not have a place there ... What Moneymaker was then poking about is still considered today as a point of reference for the evolution of poker ... What did it do? Simply simple, the accountant at that time, Moneymaker won a ticket to the $ 39 online tournament with a WSOP 2003 main event ticket held in Las Vegas and after an excellent tournament he managed to overcome his opponent's 838 (throwing out important poker pros) the title of world champion and together the amount of $ 2.500.000 ...

His most important achievement was that his victory gave faith to the "common mortals" that everything could happen ... He gave hope to millions of online platform amateurs how they could become world champions ... They gave the necessary impetus to game to skyrocket .... Since then nothing was the same ... Countless amateurs (every age, adolescents and grooms) take part in the tournaments and look in the eyes of the professionals culminating in this year's WSOP 2009 finalist Darwin Moon (logger in professional ) who won the 139 $ satelite tournament and came a step ahead of being a world champion (who did not of course beat $ 5.000.000 as a finalist) ...

Suffice it to say that after the win of Moneymaker the number of entries in the main event of the WSOP (trip costing $ 10.000) tripled and from 839 that was 2003 was launched to 2.576 2004 and we reached the 6.844 record number 2008 how much this victory affected).

From then on, as a matter of course, Moneymaker turned it into a professional .... He wrote a book about his victory, became a commentator and is now playing professionally .... But without much success ... His class is not such as to him but it is his achievement that puts him right in the hearts of everybody's poker friends.

In the following video you see the last batch at the WSOP 2003 ... There was a huge player (old-time poker player - it's like seeing Jamie's Bogart in Casablanca) Sam Farha ....

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12 Feb 2006
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I will agree on 100% with johnbill for what he wrote in his post .. and the paradox is that chris moneymaker played the WSOP online satellite, and when he caught it he tried to take the position that made a cash prize and not the one that brought the enjoyable for other WSOP main event.
Eventually he won the ticket, went to Las Vegas and the rest is a story .. he probably wrote history .. !!: bravo:


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6 Ion 2010
Re: Great poker players ...

I did not know it was so with moneymaker !!!!
how can life bring it to you? because and to have bravo tou gives hope for other amateurs to despair for a crazy dream ... after it became a ... it will be again ..
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