Cash or tournaments


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10 Aug 2014
Hello I have been playing poker for some time now and I would like you to give me your lights in online poker in your opinion is it better to play cash or in tournaments that I will have a bigger profit ?;;;;;;;;;;;


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27 Nov 2012
Answer: Cash or tournaments

in tournaments you can lose or buy in but in general it is difficult to get to the last table you pay
so you can play 2 hours and block 10 without taking a franc and that's what you do

from the other in cash you get the limit, for example, start with 10 and when I lose it or I do the old 15. If you know how to play poker if you have discipline in your play and you do not easily tilt you can make a winner in a long time

The Scarecrow

26 and 2013
Answer: Cash or tournaments

although you can only answer that, I suggest you the tournament. Be the target of getting into the porch. If you are bored and do not want to wait, 1-2 has opened tables in parallel to increase the action.
I can hardly be familiar with it and it will be easy for you.

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