Asia Minor Catastrophe


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Asia Minor Catastrophe

87 years from the most tragic moment in the history of Modern Hellenism and the occasion for the establishment of the largest sports club

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Asiatic Destruction two words simply, but how much weight do they have. So write about these yes, but it might not be that simple. There is an easy solution, accurate copying from some of the events, two three moving fangaras along with some aphorisms and ... ready. No no, that would be pure disrespect for the thousands of souls who either were lost or tortured and tortured.
Return to the impasse. To write about the destruction of you, a small part of modern Greece that so deliberately abstains from the dark then.
And without having allies. Your grandfather, who you feel connected with the past, is far away, like his home country of Ayvalık, at least "a thousand waves" the distance. Someone may think that from Mytilene it is only a short time with the boat. Oh, I do not think there are boats to take you back in time, and the beauties of forgetfulness always make it prohibitive for this kind of deportation.
And then suddenly strange images spring up into the backdrop of mind. A red apple, withered, that was identified with the place where the two petrochelidons went "but there was still a dream for teenage years" as the lyric writer had written so perfectly.
And a marble king, marbled with tons of tones, not because the stellar big-idealization of extreme groups that are whipping him is not fulfilled (not to be misunderstood), but because the ideals he represented, honesty and self-sacrifice tend to disappear. Thus the half-baked fish from Balukli still swim in the well of forgetfulness and the Evzonakia the poor continue to gaze at Agia Sophia on the mute trail of the ages.
We left, we went to 500 for years behind. Let it be, the plagues of the story make blood itself.
From 13 to 17 September 1922, Izmir the pride and the capital of the Greek element of Asia Minor beaches was ignited by naughty Turks who had previously been subjected to extensive atrocities and massacres of thousands of Greeks and Armenians. In this sad way, the Asia Minor Catastrophe was completed. In what has caused it clearly and it is not good practice to talk about it.
The result, however, is one and a half million refugees from Asia Minor and the Pontus fleeing to a state, their state, which was neither ready to accept them nor treated as their own citizens. Few intolerance, a little the fear of the stranger, has made it very difficult for these people, who even found themselves in complete misery, coming from a clearly better way of life.

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But they have lasted until the elementary structures have been created and contributed to the evolution of Greece. In a few years they waxed, assimilated from the local element but also assimilated it and became a driving force in the production process. Their effects were evident in all areas. Their arrival was accompanied by important literary creations, the magical sounds of the rebetiko and the heady aromas of the Eastern sweets (even the Greek cuisine would be infinitely poorer without the refugee influences).
20 months later, in Athens, a group of people coming from Constantinople who had arrived here because of the destruction proceeded to the founding of AEK (which, of course, its history began from an older one) of a group that had to rally under the bridges of the Bichefalu Eagle of its proud emblem most of the refugees and not only. There have been other clubs with similar ends, but no one has managed to approach its grandeur or to represent so deservedly nostalgia and hope for a better future of these people.

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