Mythical earnings for the Olympic!


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12 Dec 2012
The new financial data of the Champions League. UEFA, with strong new sponsorship plus TV rights, is golding the teams in the top inter-club competition. Olympiacos escapes from the Greek reality.

Beyond the prestige, the Champions League is a goldmine organization. As you progress, you 're inflated' and your bank account.
Thus, after the three-pointer with Dynamo Zagreb, Olympiacos is very close to his preference in the 16 of the top league tournament and of course in another great bonus.
But let's look at the economic facts of the brilliant European event:
The money to be given to the Champions League teams this year is 1,2 billions of euros! Astronomical amount, coming from sponsorship (increased this year) and TV rights.
Olympiakos has won 12 EUR million only from entering the groups! Last year, the equivalent was 8,6 million.
The three victories that their "red-white" players have earned have generated 4,2 million (1,4 million euro each victory). Last year, the equivalent would be 3 million euro (1 million euro victory).
The bonus is increased for the tie, at 750.000 euro, from 500.000 euro that was until last year.
Also surely the revenue for the "red-white" is the famous market pool. Television rights, which this year has taken off at 13 million, from 10 million last year.
It is worth noting that this amount would have been broken in two, with 60-40 in favor of Olympiacos, if Panathinaikos had also been selected in the Champions League.
So far, Olympiakos has won:
• 12 million euro participation in the groups
• 13 million from the market pool
• 4,2 million from the three wins
Total: 29,2 million euro

These amounts do not count the income from home matches and of course the duration!
[h = 3] What Claims ... [/ h]Olympiakos can secure the qualification even with two defeats, reaching the curve to be defeated by Arsenal with 0-1 or 1-2.
If he gets even one degree, he will qualify, and will automatically put another 750.000 Euro into the fund! And if he makes one victory, another 1,4 million.
But the big bonus is εif he qualifies for "16", after winning 5,5 million!
So Olympiacos goes all the way for profits that can reach 40 million euro!


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Answer: Mythical earnings for the Olympic!

Brava in our Olympiakara, which first helped to straighten Greek football, unable to raise a head, to lose all Greek teams from the corresponding European villages, to squeeze the country into UEFA's rating and now to come as a redeemer THRYLOS, to take it alone in 12 position, proudly and turn to tell us: "Here, gentlemen, I play for you too"

Long live in Karaiskakis's microphone. We are asking our presidency.


Also live in the Olympiacos, who will write below, that the bosses of the rest of the teams are blameless and do not put their hand in the pocket. DOWNLOAD!

I believe I will get 12 with 15 likes.


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Answer: Mythical earnings for the Olympic!

Above all bravo to the journalists who are raping our intelligence every day!
We are talking ... : beers1:

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