OPAP - HIPPODROMOS - illegality with the composites


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30 IOL 2010
The following was also sent to EEPO


As you will probably know, OPAP has formed the distributed rate for the gang (first paid) game at 90% of 85% that was, in Greek
horse racing, by 12 May 2019.
But on the racetrack, the distributed percentage remains low at 75%.

The racing compound and the rake are related bets.
On the racetrack, the player must find the winners of two consecutive races, and the betting provider holds a rake and
not two.

When the payout of horse racing bets was 80% evenly, at ODIE season, the bet was offered in order for the player to win something
above (the era that was introduced was around 1950).
If someone was playing a stake in the racing gang and then all the profit was placed on the next one, two would work
rays, 20% and 20%, total 36%.
But the composite gave it one and it was 20%. That was the idea of ​​the game.

In OPAP, with 85% Payout in the gang, the two rakes would again reach 28% and therefore there was still a profit with the composite when this
gauge to 25%.

Now the following paradox happens:
If someone wins a rake and puts the win in the next race, then he will be gawned twice to 10%, ie to 19% for
the two races.
But if you play a composite then it will gnaw at 25% - since the composite has not changed.
This is a cheating of the player - if it continues - because many players, perhaps most, have not understood it and OPAP does not
he explains.

In a question I submitted to OPAP, they replied that they "are not interested".

The "ganjan on ganjan" and the composite are not exactly the same games, as different funds are kept.
However, practically the composite gave a higher yield than "ganani on ganjan", 25% on average old, 3.8% on average until recently
(= 0.75 / (0.85 x 0.85)).
Now the compound gives 9.3% below (= 0.75 / (0.9 x 0.9))!

This is a serious anomaly.
OPAP is clearly entitled to withdraw the game "racecourse" - no longer offered.
But it is not entitled to operate it in this way.

Please direct your actions (or be corrected or withdrawn).



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