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3.853 "stores" OPAP's point of sale network!

The development of the VLTs network by OPAP is continuing, following the legislative resolution of the issue raised by the decision of the Council of State.

Speaking to analysts at a teleconference to present the financial results of the first half of 2019, OPAP CEO Damian Koop said that by the end of October, around 22 - 23 thousands of slot machines will operate. thousands today), while the target of 20,3 thousands of VLTs will be achieved by the end of 25.

Already the activity of VLTs is catalytic for OPAP's financial figures. In the first half of the year, net pre-levy revenue from VLTs continued its upward trend to 139,9 million, compared to 89,4 million in the corresponding half of 2018.

Net income before contributions from VLTs in the second quarter of 2019 amounted to 70,9 million. The management of the Group noted that the average cost per visit now stands at 29 euros, the daily GGR per game machine at 40 euros, while the subscriber base exceeded 355 thousands, from 219 thousands at 2019.

Mr Coop referred to the jackpot introduced into the slot machine network in the second quarter of 2019, something that has met with customer and partner feedback.

At the same time, he said that there is still room for improvement both at the Play Gaming Halls locations and at the agencies where the VLTs operate, as well as in promoting services, announcing that the company will continue its initiatives to introduce new games, which is expected within 3-6 months.


With regard to Retail Excellence 2020, which aims to make OPAP stores attractive destinations for entertainment, by leveraging digital technologies, new products and services for company partners, it is moving forward

As Mr Koop commented, in the last three years, OPAP has managed to upgrade or upgrade more than a third of its branch network throughout Greece. A total of 320 new or refurbished OPAP stores were open by the end of the first half.

The Agency's network of points of sale reached 3.853 stores at the end of June, with OPAP agents averaging 2% higher year-on-year in the first half of 2019 and store performance increasing 20% same time.

Interesting are the observations about online market activity, where OPAP continues to develop its dual strategy for online marketplace, focusing both on developing its own business (OPAP online) and investing in Stoiximan Group.

The administration emphasized that Joker's online presence has helped boost OPAP's online customer base. The Joker-generated online turnover reached just 3-4 months at 3% of total game turnover, with increasing trends.

As mentioned, however, the availability of new toys will also depend on the content of the new arrangement for the online gambling market that the government is evaluating after the EU member states have completed their comment process. on the draft law sent to the EU to buy online gambling.


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