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Konstantinos Spanoudis, the initiator!

At 70, at 23 April of 1941, the first president of AEK and its founders, Konstantinos Spanoudis, left life. Fate wanted to leave his last breath 17 years and 10 days since 13 April 1924 Spanoudis, at the athlete of Amilios Ionas and Konstantinos Dimopoulos, who was at the then Loukas at Verazero Street, along with 40 some people threw AEK's idea.

Spanoudis became the first president of AEK, performing his duties from 1924 to 1932. Originally a journalist, and later a deputy and minister in the Venizelos government, he was prevented from leaving life to put AEK on the road of successes: 1929, the then prime minister, Eleftherios Venizelos, gave permission to give the Union the area where up to 2003 was Stage of AEK in New Philadelphia. After three years in 1931-32, AEK will reach its first Cup by defeating Mars with 5-3. Star of the team was the veteran Kostas Negrepontis, a football player of the 10 and 20 decades in the Greek Pera Club of the City, the group that was essentially the "ancestor" of AEK. Maropoulos, Delavinia, Ribas, Sklavounos, Manettas, Tzanetis, Mageras, Chatzistavridis and other excellent footballers have been able to dominate the Greek football league for years. They captured the 1939 (the first in Greece) and took back the 1940 league with Kostas Negrepontis leading them as a technician. The course of that team ended with grief because of the Second World War.
Until then, Konstantinos Spanoudis has lived to AEK. 1941 is leaving life. His offer to the giant AEK is huge. The price for him, came many decades later. As soon as 10 October 2008, the City of Athens gives its name to one of the most crowded squares in Athens, the one located at the electric station in Kato Patisia.


Konstantinos Spanoudis was not just the founder and first president of AEK, though that would only be enough to keep him alive in eternity. He was a great personality of Greece. He was a graduate of the Great School of Genesis in Constantinople, a graduate of Political Sciences at Sorbonne, and he also dealt with Byzantine art in Ravenna. In Constantinople he published the newspaper Proodos and participated in the activities of the Greek Political Organization of Constantinople. Spanoudis then joined Eleftherios Venizelos, participating in the National Defense Movement, and after 1922, when he left, he was chased as one of the greatest enemies of the Turks, in addition to his participation in the administration of the Union, he was again active in the press by issuing the National Gazette daily. In AEK. held the position of president until 1932, when he was elected a Liberal MP and formally retired from the administration. He left his last breath at 24 April 1941, a few hours before the Germans entered Athens. He heard it say, "I will not bear this." And he did not stand it. 1871 was born at the Phanar in Istanbul. He was married to the musicologist Sofia Spanoudis and their daughter, Athena Spanoudis, was a worthy descendant of hers since, with her show "Musical themes", which was in the air of the state radio over 35 (!) Years, it was probably the first to put the Greeks in magical world of classical music. He will be immortal forever. It has made millions of people the best gift of their lives. AEK!
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