Statistically maybe .....


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25 Ion 2006
(With such a title I'm covered in case I lose !!!! hahahahahaha)

I'm not famous for my right choices .. (at least in the bet !!!) but as far as I'm looking I also find something that stands out.

Today the struggle

ENG NL 21: 45 Wrexham FC - Harrogate Town

I think based on statistics and anything else, that will have a lot of corners ...
I'll look at the following options:

Over 5 first half corner 1,95 performance
(double choice Asian..sold with 5 corner I have bet returns exactly)

Over 10.5 corners final in 1,90 performance

I'll bet to find out.



IFC # 9 Cup Winner 2017-18
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21 Mar 2003
good luck if i'm not mistaking a whole 11 corner where 2 was on 90 + and in the half it was 5 so one void and the other you pay for 1,90 not bad : beers1:
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