"Finally" Zardim from Monaco, Henry favorite for the bench


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6 Mar 2018
Monaco has decided to put down titles in her relationship with Leonardo Zardim and Thierry Henry is a favorite to succeed him. Candidate for anti-Mourinho, the former Olympiacos technician!

From acne to ... decline! Leonardo Zardim arrived at the 2016-17 season to celebrate the championship title in France and reach the semi-finals of the Champions League but four years after his arrival in the Principality came the crew of the time to shake a scarf ...

The reason for the start of Monaco this season in France (18 position with 6 points, four under the under-belt) and the Champions League (2 defeats in the first few games), with the people of Monagask making a decision to change.

As the French media revealed on Monday afternoon, Olympiacos's former technician is virtually "finished" by the Monaco counter, with both sides agreeing to resolve joint consensus and divorce announcement to be expected by Thursday.

The same sources say that on Wednesday there will be a new appointment by Zardim with the club's administrators to officially enter the end titles, with Thierry Henry currently figuring as the predominant to get the greeting among the three candidates on the list of Monaco.

However, it should not be ruled out that Zardim will benefit from this "goodbye" as at the same time he opens the exit door of the Ligue 1 team, scripts from England place him in the candidates' frame to succeed Mourinho at the Manchester United counter!

source: sport24
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