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Gambling always inspired cinema and creators, as well as every great passion. Whether because the casino world is glamorous and suited to illuminate dark rooms or because many creators wanted to record their social extensions. Countless bouquets, croupiers, but above all players have gone through the story of the celebrity with their cinematic feats to have a protagonist the gambling and the veil of the self-destructive charm that surrounds him.

The gambling movies, or perhaps the most remarkable of the genre, have provided us with powerful frames of winners and unrepentant losers, anthology scenes, lots of stories and stunts with a prominent position on the pantheon surrounding the movie universe.

We recall some of the best of our kind for the past decade and present them to you, hoping for something more than reminding you. If you are organizing your own DVD-themed "Theme Nights", this text will give ideas for marathons dedicated to cinema gambling.

Without a specific series ... Lights, Camera, Action!

Croupier - The Croupier (1998)
Director: Mike Hogzes
Duration: 94 '

Rating 7,2

Tagline: "Hang On Tightly ... Let Go Lightly" (Hold Tightly ... Let Go Tightly)

It took several years for Hoges' "Get Carter" to get the recognition they were entitled to and 13 as a whole until the director gave us his next film, Croupier, but the wait was worth it. A British neo-noir that captures the atmosphere of the casinos on the island, has strong cynicism and suspense, and has an extraordinary Clay Owen that gives cool cool interpretation to his sleeve. This, in fact, has opened all the doors to the actor, giving him many opportunities for establishment.

He plays Jack Manfred, a writer looking for inspiration for the one and only book that will give him recognition, he gets a job at a casino. From here and in a hypnotic atmosphere, the film rolls up with a lot of upsets, the protagonist touring several times between the boundaries of the gambler and the distant croupier, with the enigmatic end leaving some gaps for some, closing the eye on the others.


"Gambling has nothing to do with money ... Gambling has to do with not dealing with reality and ignoring the odds."
"A wave of tension caught him, he was addicted again to seeing people lose ..."
"You have to make a choice in life: Being a gambler or a croupier ..."

The Cooler - Ganttem (2003)
Directed by Wayne Kramer
Duration: 101 '

Rating 7,0

Tagline: "When your life depends on losing ... the last thing you need is lady luck" (When your life depends on the loser ... the last thing you need is Lady Luck)

And this film has the same interpretations that together with the very original script make it unique in the genre. Las Vegas as the backdrop of such a film may seem self-evident, but the film breaks down a lot of clichés and basically talks about human relationships, through the gaming town's microcosm. William Meisy plays a professional casino ganttem and has the ability with a simple look or touch to cut a knife on the pocket of the players and lead them to the last one.

This changes when love enters into life and a woman who manages to turn it from absolute ganttem to "man's charm", something that certainly does not like Alec Boldwood, the casino boss. Exceptional interpretation by the roller-coaster in many of Ken's brothers, as well as the other two protagonists, original as a skeleton concept that refers to psychology theories "the way we see things, changes their quality" and its unique weakness somewhat he turned back for several finals.


"That guy is a kryptonite on a stick" (This guy is kryptonite on a stick)
"Ganttemis" has caused so much misfortune to a staying player: "Better luck, next time"

Rounders - Players (1998)
Directed by: John Dalt
Duration: 121 '

Rating 7,3

Tagline: "In the game of life ... play the cards you are dealt"

Another relevant recent film with an enviable cast and John Malkovich steals as he is used to - even when his minutes of participation are little - the show. Here Matt Damon performs perhaps the most successful babyface of the celebrity gambling player, one of the strengths of the film being to avoid the deintentions of the addict that overwhelms the gambler. As long as the protagonist looks like a lover, being a successful student with a "hot goddess" at his side and dedication to the masters, it is enough to penetrate deep into the passion of poker.

The debt of Edward Norton to the climb, the charm of the game, and the need to win from one point and after survival, with the KGB (the nickname of Malkovich), make it all the way to the end. Despite the "pollitically correct" attitude, the "Rounders" survive with the above. And that's because, despite the fact that this attitude of life characterizes Matt Damon - but he convinces himself on the look with a poker player, but eventually his choice is successful for that very reason - he abandons everything for the passion of gambling. The touches of Malkovic's interpretation add something more, and the main one ... When the film was screened in Greece ... the Hold'em looked exotic and now the players in our country are thousands.


"If you can not locate the table sucker in the first half of the game, then you are the sucker"
"It's unethical to let a sucker keep his money"
"The game is No Limit Hold'em.
- "I bet the bet, because otherwise I will not pay for myself tomorrow morning"
- "Respect will be the only thing left to you tomorrow morning"

Mahoney Owning - Danny Mahoney's Blind Roll (2003)
Directed by: Richard Kvitovski
Duration: 104 '

Rating 7,1

Tagline: "To some is a habit, but to Dan Mahowny beating the odds is everything" (For some is a game, for other habit, but for Dan Mahoeene, winning the chances is everything)

The best movie in my opinion in the last decade in terms of the gambling psychology. Those who have seen the "Capo" will be suspicious that Philip Seymour Hoffman really gives a shifty of interpretation and is right as his presence takes off the film. With realistic writing, as history is based on real facts, the film describes the course of a young bank executive towards the gambling dangers. Dan Mahoeon approves exorbitant loans to himself and then gambles until he falls to the casino.

No new credit he manages to secure - in the absence of a bank - of course, no intervention by his girlfriend, which seems to be helpless even to grasp his passion, does not stand to stop him. Dan Mahonay lives in a parallel universe and only sees the green felt in front of him. He stabs instinctively and as any addicted gambler can never - even when he wins a lot - stop. The lynx at the end of the film is typical:


- "What would you do with 100 to the excitement of gambling?"
- "100"
- "What would you do to the greatest emotion you enjoyed outside of gambling?"
- "20"

Intacto - Intact (2001)
Directed by: Richard Kvitovski
Duration: 104 '

Rating 6,9

Tagline: "All bets are on" (All bets count)

Of the relatively lesser-known films of the genre, which, although retaining a different perspective, have a very intimate relationship with gambling. A very smart idea with the fate of being a "product" that can change hands either by selling it or by being a betting prize. Amoralistic and harsh world, with the viewer having every opportunity to identify with the protagonist, since the plot brings one overturning after the other and the revelations keep pretty guarded secrets to the end. A closed caste organizes dangerous fortune games, with the most lucky person in the world (Max Fawn Sidof) taking part in the climax of the latter.

Cross-country road races, blind fortunes, fortunes among survivors of air and car crashes, and a universe that looks both absurd and exciting at the same time. Here the big trump is the "dancing" direction, the wick of the original idea of ​​the script and the right escalation into plot and action.


"Some people are born lucky ... Others gamble to become"
"Everyone has a gift. Yours is to steal the fate of others"

The above are five of the best gambling movies in the last decade. The relative all-time list is much longer, and there are certainly many movies that will earn the best "rank" from the ones we mentioned. Because everyone in the cinema hides more or less a little Danish inside them and mainly because we do not want anything to leave masterpieces outside this tribute, it follows a shorter juxtaposition with older films.

The Sting - The Centri (1973)

Rating 8,3

Among the most famous and best films on the subject, with Paul Newman and Robert Redford capturing and performing an incredible inspiration bay called "stingri" to get the money of a mafia gambler. Scene of anthology with Newman making the drunk winning all the chips on the table. (Seven Oscars)

California Split - Craps, poker and something else "(1974)

Rating 7,3

Robert Altman greatly portrays the gambler's addiction to a movie that is so relevant to what he is dealing with, which sounds like scientific research. This is a typical scene with the bet between the two desperate protagonists, for the names of the dwarves of Snow White!

The Cincinnati Kid (1965)

Rating 7,3

The young man is nice ... Steve McCoy plays a charming and talented poker player who tries to get the scepter of the best of New Orleans who has the nickname "The Man". Even Steve has never lost his dignity and charm in an old cut, but an excellent film.

La Baie des Anges (1963) - The port of the angels

Rating 7,4

Another one of the top personal favorites, because if you have a Jean Mora in your hand, you have nothing to worry about ... The love kitten has a roulette background and Jacques Demi despite the that he did not have the recognition of modern French filmmakers, he puts an extraordinary love story on the background of gambling.

Casino (1995)

Rating 8,2

Scorsese, after dealing with the wise guys and the underworld of the mafia, puts them in a movie in Vegas and the casinos ... Well known and tired, with Joe Pessy shooting shots, Sharon Stone looks better than hypocritically than ever, and Robert de Niro is always like "Ace" (his nickname in the film).

"Casino" is undoubtedly one of the most epic films ever released. Directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci and Sharon Stone, the truth is that success was sure from scratch. The film is based on Nicholas Pileggi's book "Casino: Love and Honor in Las Vegas", which chronicles real events while he wrote the script. It's a story of greed, deception, power and money between two hanging friends: a mafioso and a casino owner. The film is truly masterpiece, and Sharon Stone's performance has earned her a Golden Globe Award as well as an Academy Award nomination for Best Interpretation. The success of "Casino" is also seen in the box office after it has earned over 115 million dollars.

It is worth mentioning here that Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro collaborated and 1990 in the film "Goodfellas", which was based on Nicholas Pileggi Wiseguy's book. This is another favorite film between gamblers and casino lovers, and chronicles the life of Henry Hill and his years as a mafioso. The film had been critically acclaimed and nominated for an Academy Award, while Joe Pesci won a Best Oscar for his role in the film.

Game of Games - The House of Fraud (1987)

Rating 7,3

David Mimett, in addition to an excellent scriptwriter, is established after this film and as a competent director. And here's the front-end poker club with history telling the story of the microbubble that drives 24 / 7 trying to make it clean by gambling up to their last breath.

Casino Royale (2006)

Rating 8,0

Without a doubt, the first movie that comes to mind when thinking about the word casino is "Casino Royale". This is the well-known agent to all of us, James Bond, played by Daniel Craig. The film was directed by Martin Campbell in a script by Neal Purvis and Paul Haggis, based on the book by Ian Fleming published in 1953. "Casino Royale" is the first James Bond movie and marks the beginning of 007's career. Casino Royale broke the movie theaters and managed to collect almost 600 million dollars in the box office, with the budget of the film amounting to 150 million dollars. Eva Green, Mads Mikkelsen, Giancarlo Giannini, Jeffrey Wright, Judi Dench, etc. are also starring in the film. If you have not seen it then you have to prepare for one of the most epic poker games in the history of cinema with bets 115 million dollars and James Bond to be (literally) turning his turn to the table!

21 (2008)

Rating 6,8

Another famous and beloved gambling movie is 21, directed by Robert Luketic. In our film we present the story behind the legendary MIT team that with the help of Edward Thorpe's book Beat the Dealer managed to win millions of dollars in casinos around the world. We have been mentioned in the past for this group, since they undoubtedly belong among the best Blackjack players of all time. The film, inspired by this group and based on Ben Mezrich's best-selling Bringing Down the House, brings us one step closer to this unbelievable story. Starring Kevin Spacey, Jim Sturgess, Laurence Fishburne, and Kate Bosworth and Liza Lapira. With a budget of only 35 million dollars, the film managed to bring 160 million dollars to the box office and become one of the most popular films of the audience despite the intense criticisms it took before its official screening in the halls.

Ocean's Eleven / The Gang of Eleven (2001)

Rating 7,8

The movie "Ocean's 11" or as the Greek audience knows "The gang of the eleven" is directed by 2001 directed by Steven Soderbergh. This is the remake of 1960's homonymous film, starring leading actors such as George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Don Cheadle, Andy Garcia and Julia Roberts. The film got excellent reviews and swept at the box office with profits over 450 million dollars. Indeed, after its success, there were two more spin films off 2004 and 2007: 12 gang and 13 gang. For 2018 it has been announced that a fourth film with a female cast will be released. In the film, we see the story of Danny Ocean, who together with his 11 collaborators are planning the simultaneous robbery of three casinos in Las Vegas. If you have time, we would suggest you see the whole trilogy, since the interpretations and the story will fascinate you.

Rain Man / The Rain Man (1988)

Rating 8,0

Another classic casino and gambling movie is "Rain Man". Directed by Barry Levinson and Barry Morrow and Ronald Bass, "The Rain Man" is a dramatic comedy starring Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise. The film presents the story of Charlie Babbitt (Tom Cruise) who learns about his father's death and discovers that his estate is inherited by his brother Raymond (Dustin Hoffman) whom he did not even know he had. So, Charlie convinces Raymond to follow him on a trip to the other end of the country in order to play Blackjack in Las Vegas and exploit his brother's "charisma" with numbers.

The Gambler (1974)

Rating 7,3

Surprisingly, Axel Freed (James Caan) is an inspiring professor of English literature, but deep inside is a troubled man with a serious addiction to play and a lot of debt. After losing all his money he is borrowed from his girlfriend, then steals from his mother, then headed to Vegas in the hope of winning it all back. Our player describes a strong story about an addiction, isolation and how far you can go when his bets are high.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (111)

Rating 7,7

Based on the homonymous novel, the popular movie Fear and Paranoia in Las Vegas describes the psychedelic road trip of Raoul Duke (Johnny Depp) to the US with Dr Gonzo (Benicio del Toro) attorney in the US. In an attempt to catch up with a motorcycle race, they head to Las Vegas, spending all their money on a huge amount of drugs looking for the American dream. Johnny Depp's Guarantee

Two For The Money - All About Money (2005)

Rating 6,2

Directed by DJ Carouso, this film tells the story of a young man (Matthew Maconachi) who, after a series of successful betting predictions, gets promoted to a betting company in New York. The young man may be beautiful, but as the song says, the old one is otherwise (in the role of the only Al Pacino). So success succeeds the fall with all its consequence in a film that may seem like a common one, but it does not cease to be enjoyable.

Even Money - At the Edge of Gambling (2006)
Directed by: Mark Rydell

Rating 5,9

Very powerful cast in a modular film with 3 stories. Their theme is gambling addiction and its devastating consequences. Forest Whitaker owes money, and in order to pay off he asks his little brother playing college basketball to make a match. Kim Bassing is out of seemingly perfect family and professional life and turns into frequent casino casualties, endangering the relationship with her husband (Ray Liotta). Danny De Vito, a failed former "magician," becomes her mentor. Two young boys co-operate and distribute money in every way from their customers. Among them is the "big hook" Tim Roeth. Their stories will be crossed and we will have a nice time on our way.

High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story (2003)
Direction: AW Vidmer

Rating 6,1

We are following the course of one of the biggest poker players of all time, Stu "kid" Ungar. Big talent in poker three times world champion, but addicted to any form of gambling loses everything and even more on horse racing. At the end of his career he is delivered to drugs and women, definitively defeated by his passions. A real story that "crashes" the legend and "snores" the idols starring Michael Imperoli.

+ 1 Greek

Eternal Student (2002)
Direction: Vangelis Sethanidis

Rating 5,8

And a Greek by Vangelis Seitanidis, who had received a good reception from the audience when he was screened at the Thessaloniki Festival and traveled to the world of Greek casinos. Emilios Xilakis, instead of medical writings, reads probabilities and numbers by dropping his balls to roulette until he becomes involved with Maria Solomou ... and her father's cult figure for the big bay. Emilios Xilakis is what the title says. He makes a living at the casino. Spyros Stavrinidis is an addicted gambler with debts everywhere. His daughter (Maria Solomou) gets a job as a grumpier that according to the rules of the casino operation her father is not allowed to enter. But he finds the solution: he finances the eternal student playing on his behalf and sharing profits. A different Greek production that can not escape cliché, but it is pleasant.
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Answer: Gambling and gambling movies

<header class = "movie-header"> LUCKY YOU (2007)
Comedy 2007 | Color | Duration: 124 '

</ header>
Rating 5,9

American film, directed by Curtis Hanson with: Eric Bana, Drew Barrymore, Robert Deval, Oresio Sledge
Hack is a professional Las Vegas casino who is trying to find 10.000 dollars to join the world poker championship. At the same time, he struggles to win the heart of charming Billy and escape the shadow of his legendary papermind father.

Big deal after bluff
- You did not have anything at all ...... Sometimes nothing is enough
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Answer: Gambling and gambling movies

A nice TV series (and even HBO) that was about the hippodrome was LUCK.

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Focus (2015)

for those who liked 21, a speech by a member of the real MIT team on which the film was based


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very interesting movie by Pantelis Voulgaris the T-shirt with the number 9

Plot: The story of a man who, from the 20 to the 23 years, meditates on and off the pitch. He leaves a life chased from city to city, leaving behind teams and coaches. Spyros Seretis, later Bill, lives in Thessaloniki. During the day he competes in the stadiums and in the evenings he frequents the bars. In the team, coached by Spyros, Bill begins to show his abilities and class in the stadiums and wins his favor. His team wins a fight with Bill's decisive turnaround and they are preparing to celebrate the event ...

Trivia: The movie aired on 1988-1989 season and cut 50.000 tickets nationwide. He came to first position among 12 movies.

This is a cinematic cover of the novel "The 9 Shirt".

The movie was later screened in a mini-TV series entitled "The shirt with "9" (1990)".


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I don't know why but I liked Eternal Student, it could be a little alternative as Greek production

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