What the holiday pharmacy should contain


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Wherever you choose to go for your holiday, it is a good idea to leave some room for the holiday pharmacy in your preparation.
This must include:

  • Oxygen for wound dressing
  • Antiseptic for wounds or injuries
  • Iodine solution for disinfection
  • Cotton, gauze, bandage, leucoplast, patchwork
  • Alcohol for disinfecting items
  • Thermometer, antipyretic, painkiller
  • Ointment, sprays or sticks of ammonia for stinging
  • Insect repellent
  • Ice buckets or compresses towels
  • Cortisone injection

source iatronet.gr


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9 Nov 2005
Answer: What should the holiday pharmacy contain?

and condoms, not because you will fuck well in the holidays, but you must always have them for the straw. If you can not share them in the harbor to those who come and tell them I will give you some fucking fights if you do not .... with nothing and you make them psychology ...

and a cup on the backstage, because if you run on a chopping stream.

this is just yours. you go with the family and women and children it is good to have any new ones circulate in a psychopharmacy.and good holidays

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