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215 $ knockout progressive boundy scoop, over 5000 people, I started with 5000 brands, they were all supernova, elite and everyone or team of poker players, I level gold. I showed them bluffing and then lost them when I had something good, I get out 4 people, plus 27,38,59 $ because it was a start, it gives me AQ, I'm in Button and it's one of the starting places, I fold the little blond, AA one KK the other one, I had a round on 10 000 brands, after a while giving me AQ again, that gave me 3 ... nothing else, fold! 150 thousand each other 30 thousand each other, 000 less ... all the same. Again after the same for 26,37-10 hours this was not done, either AA, CC, QQ ... NOTHING OR FRAUD. I went into payments 8 stayed people, round synxNUMX € I got, I was playing 10 hours series, their whole team was scratching it, only Felix was left, it gives me 6 I'm in Button and one puts them in starting positions, I had 8 400marks and the other 500 out there. come on plus 14 €! put them on, have AQ, and turn around and paint on his Ace. In the lid I have AK and I'm fine with their team Felix and has AQ and turns down I did this. In every tournament I played, I fucked supernova and read and played the best poker of my life, bromo-cheaters .... thieves. 99port didn't let me win anything. Fake Company. AA, KK, QQ, JJ, 28 hours of tournaments .... tells you it's enough, you've got 000 € a lot. That's how Felix wins and he also teaches poker on YouTube. Injustice while you deserve it, I fought it very hard but if you play with thieves you will always lose.


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