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15 Oct 2007
Wherever I can roam
Answer: no

Arrived yesterday night from apple with a broken rib and stabbed: sad:

the first day i went to the beach, nice beach, but many seaweed,
for food in the oyster in the colander, with terrific handmade lasagna,
and the evening party in the old village,

the second paparazzi, while there was no air, the sea was cloudy,
of course we found out after we got down,
the scenery was dreamy of course,
then I went to the Sarakiniko, where the fatality took place,
I went in through the slopes of the beach,
where he had some rocks, but they were shallow and I thought "I can",
but not ...
i'm going to get down cowardly, cowardly and slowly,
but I made a soup and slid back into the rock ...
from there to the health center,
where he saw me a little doctor (it was Sunday) Mr
told me to go for x-rays the next,
sources and the crack was initially detected,

the next day i went to sunday for a bath,
very relaxed I bathed Mr
I ate chicken in the syros in the old village that roast it in the sand,
and spent the night in the alleyways of the plaque
a mild pot in utopia,

I came back the next night and the fractures were diagnosed,
with more sick work later,
with movement pains and waiting for it to stick : priest:
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bet over it

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19 Jan 2012
Valia Calda
Answer: no

Pass by patrick! I was reading the first posts and said you were going to August and coincide. I will be going this third time this year. I come from there but unfortunately I don't have a home.

Some commentary on what was mentioned for anyone thinking of going to the FTL analysis below:

Holidays, Cyclades 1 category South
Island: Apple
Start date and time: every summer

Betladen said it very well, but he forgot about Firiplaka

to remember the old and learn the new ...

Taradella at Provata is still there and the portions are still very large and delicious.

In Pollonia (the village opposite Kimolos) it is worth getting one or more sweets and other local dishes from the "Ark of Flavors".

One of the best skewers is "Yagos" in the corner of Adamas (port).

Ergina in Tripiti has really good food as Zisis said.

Also very good is the pastry shop "Palaios" in Plaka

The most original restaurant ever on Papikinou Beach with the amazing name: "Oh! Hamos". Papikinou beach is in the Gulf of Adamas and one can find it for Hivadolimni and generally for the southern beaches. It's a great experience, not only because of the quality of the food but also because of the shopping atmosphere. (The name says it all)

Local Must Tastes: Grains, laden, watermelon pie, sweet pastry and cheese in general.

From beaches if I was expecting someone to get injured would be going down to Tsigrado, as the only way down is by a narrow rope with the help of a rope. Of course the beach is worth the good words of those who talked about it in previous posts.

For a bath:
When it has snow on the southern beaches: Firecracker,Agia Kyriaki, Tsigrado, Paliohori, Provatas.
When it is south of the North: Plathiena, Sarakiniko, Papafraga, Firipotamos.
In Plataena under certain conditions you see the sun setting in the sea.

I agree with the 2 beaches per day to prevent and also that Kleftiko is not lost !!!!!!!!!!!

An excursion to Kimolos (with a ferry from Poland) is not bad and a swim in Prasa is not enough.

Pick, performance, book, stake:
Apple, 1000, tickets ... now, 10 / 10
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27 IOL 2010
Answer: no

I dig this thread so I don't open any more.

I'm thinking of Milos or Kythera holidays. Say no to the view

talking about couple : Cool:


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20 Jan 2016
Answer: no

I dig this thread so I don't open any more.

I'm thinking of Milos or Kythera holidays. Say no to the view

talking about couple : Cool:
Apple bitten and with eyes closed! : Cool: Just if you start upside down and go for a walk in the back and take the "slipper" to Kimolos, it's next door. Milos is small, you can turn it around in an hour and have a lot to see.

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