23 years without Ayrton ......


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16 Oct 2007
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</ p> <p align = "left"> [FONT = thematitloimedium! important] May Day is one day linked to one of the darkest moments of the world motorcycle sport: the death of its three-time world champion formula 1 and a true legend of his Ayrton Sennab ?? | [/ FONT]
[FONT = thematitloimedium! Important]
By Panos Seitanidis (twitter.com/PanosSeitanidis, [Email protected]) [/ FONT]
[FONT = thematitloimedium! Important] I do not like fanciers and generally the annual recollection of such sad moments. But especially in the case of the Brazilian who marked the crown of motorsport indelibly, some words are being imposed on the greatness of one of the top drivers in history. [/ FONT]
[FONT = thematitloimedium! Important]Everything is the will of God and directed by Him"Said Senna, who had a deep faith, and every time he entered the car, he began a secret conversation with his creator. He prayed and looked at the infinite, emptying himself from every thought and sentiment. And then, he was pushing the throttle and running the timers, often doing things beyond logic. [/ FONT]
[FONT = thematitloimedium! Important] As in the Monaco Grand Prix, 1988, where you are on another, almost frightening level, lowered 2 drivers' remaining time by more seconds. Senna had this incredible ability to suddenly record unbelievable times. A charisma uniqueB ||[/ FONT]
[FONT = thematitloimedium! Important] Go ahead with cars that in the hands of others would look like slow and above all, "danced" in the rain. When the skies were opened, no one could defeat him, although his era included other great drivers: Nigel Mansell, Nelson Piquet and of course, Alain Prost. Especially the French, was the rival awe. He was his great rival and the dueling between them on track, they have been in history. Like their wrestlers but never, they have never ceased unlimited respect for each other. [/ FONT]
[FONT = thematitloimedium! Important] When he was running, Senna represented an entire nation. Although a rich family fool, he had managed to touch even the poorest Brazilian who, in every success of his hero, found a short escape from his misery. And that's why he's forever their hero. He left early and no one knows how the numbers would have been if he continued for a few more years. Twelve years after his death, even the incredible record with 65 pole position "fell", with Michael Schumacher to overcome it. A record that broke - ironically - on the same Sirk that had been achieved and the previous one in Imola. [/ FONT]
[FONT = thematitloimedium! Important] Senna's career in Formula 1 began with 1984. Over the next ten years, he led on behalf of Toleman, Lotus, McLaren and Williams. With the latter however, he only managed to run in three races and six rounds. [/ FONT]
[FONT = thematitloimedium! Important]Fear is the risk a driver experiences, not being injured or killed"Said the tragic May Day, he perceived this fear. A XNUM hour earlier, the Austrian Roland Ratzenberger had lost his life when Simtek was driving, had been nailed to the wall. This caused Senna to shout for further security measures and was clearly troubled.

He seemed to be back in a distant world, submerged in his thoughts, perhaps talking again to Himselfmy car is nervous and the track is slippery and dangerous, without enough points of escape", He said shortly before the start, words that proved tragically prophetic. He had bought an Austrian flag to beat Ratzenberger's memory, but it never happened. [/ FONT]
[FONT = thematitloimedium! Important] In the 6 round, approaching the Tamburelo turn, Williams continued straight ahead following a condemnation to the cement wall that was nightmarish near. Senna had no room for reaction. The crash was intense, as his car moved with about 310 km / h at the time of the exit. A metal piece from the front suspension had penetrated the helmet causing severe craniocerebral injuries. He was clinically dead. He was transported by helicopter to Bologna hospital as his heart was still beating but he also stopped at 18.40 pm [/ FONT]
[FONT = thematitloimedium! Important] The tragic news has caused global sadness. The whole world (and not just Formula 1 friends) was crushed by his death. Brazil, fell into mourning. He was heroic with national hero, in the presence of 250.000 compatriots who rushed to tell him the ultimate rejoice. Besides, he was their God. In the misery that crunched them, they found in Aarton's face a reason to feel proud.

Your Career
Date of Birth: 21 / 3 / 1960
Participations: 161
Titles: 3
Wins: 41
Pole positions: 65 (plus 1 honor)
Points: 615
1964 Started to play
1973 participated in his first fight
1977 America Champion at the kart
1978 America Champion at the kart
1979 2 at the World Championship Card
1980 2 at the World Championship Card
1981 British Formula Champion Ford 1600 with 12 wins
1982 European and British Ford Formula 2000 Champion
1983 British Champion F3 with 12 wins
1984 F1 (Toleman-Hart) 9 in the final ranking with 13 b.
1985 F1 (Lotus-Renault) 4 in the final ranking with 38 b. with 2 wins
1986 F1 (Lotus-Renault) 4 in the final ranking with 55 b. with 2 wins
1987 F1 (Lotus-Honda) 3 in the final ranking with 57 b. with 2 wins
1988 F1 (McLaren-Honda) World Champion with 94 b. with 8 wins
1989 F1 (McLaren-Honda) 2 in the final ranking with 60 b. with 7 wins
1990 F1 (McLaren-Honda) World Champion with 78 b. with 6 wins
1991 F1 (McLaren-Honda) World Champion with 96 b. with 7 wins
1992 F1 (McLaren-Honda) 4 in the final ranking with 50 b. with 3 wins
1993 F1 (McLaren-Ford) 2 in the final ranking with 73 b. with 5 wins
1994 F1 (Williams-Renault) [/ FONT]
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10 Sep 2006
Answer: 23 years without Ayrton ......

23 years I have to see formula: sign:


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