27/08 Istria-Locke Zagreb *


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14 Nov 2013
Istria-Locke Zagreb
Sport, Championship, Country: A Category: Croatia
Date and Time Games: 27 / 02 19: 00
Analysis and Justification Agony:

Croatian Championship Championship 23rd, between Istria and
host Lok Zagreb.
Opposite course for the two teams in the Championship, as Istria fights to stay in the category
while the Locomotive is in 3rd place leading to Europe.
Istria is in the 9th position with 18 points and wants
Always sacrifice 3 degrees to get out of the danger zone.
Istria has not won in its last five games.
Lokomotiva has 4 wins in its last 5 games.
Much is heard about the very good relations of the two teams and the help they give
Team to each other when needed.
In today's game, Istria may be burned down to fall into the Category but
the Lokomotiva is behind her and in the distance, other teams chasing her to get them
3rd place.
It will not be a joke in the game and if they have regulated anything, the 2 teams but I will go with the goals
because when they play between them, no matter the outcome, we have big scores.

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